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We posted an article last month about tips for best outdoor furnishings for your beach house. In that article, we discussed the different types of spaces you might find in the outdoor areas of your beach house and the appropriate furniture for each space. It also reviewed the best type of material for outdoor beach house furniture to be manufactured from. In the second part of this series, we look at the best colors (not just blue!) and styles. Read on for more tips to help you find the outdoor furniture best for your beach house and your sense of style.

Best Beach House Colors

While hues found in the surrounding landscape – such as blue, green and brown – are always a popular choice for beach house outdoor furniture, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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These beachy neutrals help hide sand and dampness.

Soft tones are always welcome inside and outside a beach house as they make it appear light, clean and airy. Instead of black, opt for a soft gray. Instead of brown, opt for a light tan or even a sandy yellow. Keep white tones on the cool side, especially if you choose buttery warm tones as this makes for a nice contrast. These types of colors also help hide marks from wet towels and sandy bottoms on seating pieces and rugs after a dip in the ocean.

wave collection lounge brown jordan Hausers Patio
These Wave lounge chairs are brightened by the coral-colored pillows and matching shade umbrella.

Take a cue from the sunrise and sunset to keep colors natural but vibrant. Persimmon, coral, Chinese red and even lavender are all hues that are perfect accent colors in a home that primarily consists of blues, whites and tans.

blue cushion chair with red pillow Hausers Patio
Brightly colored accent pillows spice up your outdoor design while the robin’s egg blue is perfect for a beach location.

Outdoor furniture best for your beach house can always benefit from pops of blue which draw the eye throughout. But do experiment with different shades of clue. Vivid turquoise, deep midnight, cerulean, robin’s egg, are all in the same color family but really bring a different tone to an outdoor living space. They can be used together or simply pick one as the predominant color and use the other hues described above for accent and contrast.

Outdoor Beach House Style

Because a beach house is a casual space, the outdoor furnishings should reflect this vibe. Furnishings should not be stuffy, overly large or feature lots of fussy details. Make sure the pieces have lots of open space in the design to allow the sunshine through after the fog burns off. Crisp upholstery is always welcome in outdoor furniture best for your beach house.

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The casual style of this lounge chair and ottoman perfectly represent California style.

Slatted back Adirondack chairs are iconic East Coast beach house furnishings. But here in Southern California, gentle curves and exceptional style are preferred on a beach house deck. Look for beach and natural elements, organic design and stick with the color scheme you have decided upon.

Hausers Patio
Lots of open areas in the design allow light through.

The chaise lounge shown above really embodies the idea of an open space design. It’s bamboo-like material is a natural at the beach.

For outdoor furniture best for your beach house, choose a palette that reflects the nature found in the surrounding landscape and keep the style of your furnishings simple and open.

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