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Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture Buyer’s Guide Part II

If you are considering decking out your patio or porch with new powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture, then this guide is for you. We encourage you to go back and read the first installment of this series, where we looked at why this material is such a popular choice, how it stands up to weather better than wrought iron, the inherent qualities that make it durable and what to look for in the finish. In this second part of the series, we examine strength, warranties, design and color in powder coated aluminum patio furniture.

Is Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Strong?

Brown jordan aluminum chair frame hausers patio
Look for quality details, such as you will find in a Brown Jordan aluminum chair frame like this one.

In addition to asking the question does aluminum patio furniture rust, we also get asked quite often how strong and durable these pieces are. The fact of the matter is that powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture is built to last. When shopping, closely examine the frame to see if it has welded, instead of merely bolted, joints. This ensures your piece will be waterproof and more robust overall.

Patio renaissance aluminum frames hausers patio
Powder coated aluminum patio furniture starts with cast aluminum pieces that are bent and shaped.

The breadth of the frame is another factor that contributes to the strength of aluminum outdoor furniture. The thicker the frame, the better it will stand up to harsh weather and bumps and scrapes. Look for reinforcements, such as crossbars, especially in large tables and outdoor sofas as this ensures greater stability.

hausers patio
Loungers made from durable aluminum are the ultimate in easy care outdoor furnishings.

Powder coated aluminum patio furniture is always stronger. Without that extra line of defense, plain aluminum could crack or corrode. Particularly in Southern California, where ocean breezes carry salt onto the patio, this is a very important feature. Remember that the answer to the question of does powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture rust is a resounding no. That makes this material one of the best choices for your backyard oasis.

What’s the Warranty?

When you are purchasing powder coated aluminum patio furniture as a lasting investment, another thing to consider is the terms of the warranty. Usually, higher end manufacturers of luxury outdoor furniture ascribe comprehensive warranties to their products, including the frame, upholstery and parts. Hauser’s Patio is also more likely to be able to repair them with OEM parts, when necessary, ensuring that your investment will look good and perform well for many years to come.

Color and Design Factors

hausers patio
This Telescope Casual fire table set is perfect for dining outdoors. The style is transitional and will look great in nearly any setting. The overhead lighting is subtle and romantic.

Lastly, consider the color and design of the powder coated aluminum patio furniture you choose. Most of our furnishings are available in a variety of finish types, colors, styles, and upholstery options. That means that no matter what piece you are interested in, it can be customized to match other pieces already in your backyard oasis. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, mid-century modern or transitional, there are many collections sure to catch your eye.

hausers patio
These Kantan aluminum chairs are available in lots of color choices.

Although natural hues such as green, blue, and brown always look right at home in your outdoor living space, consider adding a pop of color to finish it off. A bright red chair, turquoise cushions, or an aluminum umbrella with canopy featuring a contrasting fringe are all easy ways to make your backyard stand out from the crowd.

Remember, too, that dark colors tend to hide dirt while light colors reflect the sun. The former is a good choice if you live in an area with blowing dust while the latter is preferable if you want to capitalize on sunlight and chase away the morning gloom.

After reading this short powder coated aluminum patio furniture buyer’s guide, we hope you feel confident to make the right decision for your luxury outdoor space.

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