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What is the Best Cantilever Umbrella for Summer?

With summer officially on its way within weeks, now is the time to think about how to shade your outdoor oasis from the intense rays of the sun. That’s where cantilever umbrellas come in – these stylish shade solutions offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, transforming your patio into a cool and inviting […]

Looking for Unique Outdoor Umbrellas? Hauser’s Patio Has Them

Looking for unique outdoor umbrellas to enhance your luxury backyard? Hauser’s Patio has a wide selection of the latest and greatest CA umbrella designs. Check out our showcase featuring the Polaris Series Cantilever Umbrella from Treasure Garden, the Starlux AKZ Plus Cantilever with built-in lighting, the Ocean Master Max Zero Horizon Cantilever by TUUCI, and the Atlantis Pavilion Cabana Cover. These unique outdoor umbrellas offer durability, style, and customizable options to create your perfect shade feature. Shop online or visit our showrooms today!

All About Outdoor Umbrella Elements

Looking to buy an outdoor umbrella? This guide to outdoor umbrella elements will help you make the right choice. Learn about canopy materials like Sunbrella, polyester, acrylic, and olefin. Discover different colors, patterns, and textures available for canopies. Explore frame options including aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Understand lift mechanisms such as push, pulley or crank operated systems. Find out how tilting features work with a hand crank or collar mechanism. Lastly, explore different styles of umbrellas including market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas,and sail shades.

Treasure Garden Umbrella Options

Looking for the perfect shade feature for your luxury patio? Look no further than Treasure Garden umbrella options. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you can find the ideal shade solution that complements your outdoor living space. Whether you prefer market umbrellas or shade umbrellas with wood or aluminum frames, Treasure Garden has it all. Plus, their durable fabrics like Sunbrella ensure long-lasting protection against weather elements. Don’t miss out on these high-quality and stylish umbrellas for your backyard oasis!

Take Outdoor Luxury to a New Level with TUUCI Shade Features

Elevate your outdoor living experience with TUUCI shade features. Designed for the luxury lifestyle in San Diego, these unique and durable umbrellas are an investment that transforms your backyard into a resort-style staycation destination. With striking designs engineered to withstand marine climates, TUUCI’s shade features offer both style and functionality – perfect for poolside lounging or enjoying beautiful views from any corner of your oasis-like yard. Experience the ultimate blend of comfort, elegance, and longevity with TUUCI – because every luxurious outdoor space deserves exceptional shading solutions.

Going to a Garden Party with Treasure Garden Cantilever Umbrellas

treasure garden green umbrella

Get your backyard ready for a sophisticated garden party with Treasure Garden cantilever umbrellas. Rearrange your existing furniture to create multiple conversation groupings and take advantage of the best views in your yard. Camouflage unsightly objects with a beautiful Treasure Garden umbrella, providing cooling shade for your guests. Add visual interest by incorporating an overall color scheme and unique accessories. Pay attention to the little details like flowerpots, pillows, and ottomans covered in bright floral fabric. With Treasure Garden, you can transform your outdoor space into the perfect setting for a luxurious garden party.

Treasure Garden Makes Your Outdoor Living Space a Real Treasure

treasure garden green umbrella

Transform your outdoor living space into a tranquil oasis with Treasure Garden shade umbrellas. Crafted with high-quality materials and innovative technology, these market umbrellas provide movable shade options that withstand the test of time. With portable cantilever designs and mobile bases equipped with casters, you can easily adjust the umbrella’s position to block the sun’s rays throughout the day. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to customize your perfect garden treasure. Create a peaceful retreat in your backyard that you’ll cherish forever with Treasure Garden.