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Spend Thanksgiving Gathered Around the Fire

Dining Height Fire Table

Get ready to spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire with family and friends! Create a cozy outdoor oasis by adding an eco-friendly fire feature to your backyard. Choose from natural gas or propane models for convenience and mobility. Consider your lifestyle when selecting a style of fire pit, whether it’s a dining table, chat height pit, or marshmallow roasting station. Add some flair with colorful fire glass as media for extra dazzle. Don’t forget to create the perfect ambiance with string lights, patio heaters, and outdoor speakers. Get ready to entertain in style this Thanksgiving!

Add an Eco Friendly Fire Pit to Your Backyard Oasis

Casual Fireside gas fire pit by OW Lee

Looking to add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your backyard oasis? Consider an eco-friendly fire pit! Skip the wood-burning option and opt for a gas-powered fire pit instead. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they’re also easier to use and maintain. With plenty of styles and designs available, you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Plus, you have the flexibility to customize with different media options like colored glass or lava rock. Just make sure to safely install it if using natural gas. Upgrade your backyard today with an eco-friendly fire pit from Hauser’s Patio!

Spruce Up Your Deck for Spring

outdoor cabana

Spruce up your deck for spring with these small but impactful additions. Add storage to keep your backyard organized and clutter-free, whether it’s a dedicated shed or outdoor furniture with hidden compartments. Enhance comfort and style by adding toss pillows in fade-resistant fabrics that invite lounging. Create shade and relaxation with fabric-walled cabanas or roomy lounge chairs. And don’t forget the fire element – add a visually stunning fire urn, table, or bowl to create warmth and ambiance on chilly nights. With these additions, you’ll have a beautifully spruced-up deck ready for entertaining all season long!

New Fire Features to Add Warmth to Your Backyard Oasis

fire features fire bowl

Discover the latest fire features to enhance your backyard oasis and create a cozy atmosphere this fall. From fire tables and fire falls to fire urns and fire columns, there are endless options to add warmth and style to your outdoor living space. Whether you have beach access or a long patio, these innovative designs will transform your backyard into a stunning showcase of mesmerizing flames. Don’t miss out on these new ways to elevate your luxury outdoor experience!

Top 10 Reasons for Indoor Fireplaces in San Diego

gas fireplace indoor fireplaces

Discover the top 10 reasons why you need an indoor fireplace in your San Diego home. From clean and efficient heat to cozy ambiance, these gas fireplaces provide quick warmth with easy heat control. They add a focal point to any room and can be customized with stylish effects like fire glass or unique logs. With cost efficiency, time-saving convenience, and enhanced safety features, it’s time to invest in an indoor fireplace for your home. Visit our showroom today for expert recommendations and professional installation services.

Make Over Your Old Fireplace with New Hearth Products

indoor gas fireplace

Transform your old fireplace into a stunning centerpiece with new hearth products. Say goodbye to messy wood stoves and hello to instant warmth and cozy flames at the flip of a switch. Choose from various gas burners, realistic logs, and accessories for added flair. Our experts will even install these quality hearth products in your home hassle-free. Upgrade your indoor fireplace today and enjoy chilly fall nights in style.

Add Warmth to Your Home with an Indoor Gas Fireplace

logs on fireplace by Hauser's Patio

Upgrade your indoor gas fireplace with new burners, logs, and fire glass from Hauser’s Patio. Increase efficiency and warmth with a new burner unit or change the look of your fireplace with realistic gas logs in various styles. Add a touch of elegance to your hearth by incorporating decorative fire glass that reflects light beautifully. Don’t wait until it gets cold; upgrade now and beat the rush! Visit Hauser’s Patio for a wide selection of hearth products and professional installation services.