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Fall Maintenance Checklist: Cleaning Patio Furniture

How to clean patio furniture

Get your patio furniture ready for winter with our fall maintenance checklist! Clean and protect your outdoor furnishings to ensure they look great next spring. Our proprietary furniture and fabric cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough stains, grease marks, and grime. Use a soft bristled brush to get into cracks and crevices. After cleaning, be sure to drain any water and apply our furniture protectant for further protection. Keep your patio furniture upright during storage to prevent misshaping. Invest in high-quality covers with wind vents for added durability against strong winds.

Outdoor Umbrella Cleaning and Repair Part 1

cantilever umbrella

Get your outdoor umbrella looking fresh and beautiful with our ultimate guide to cleaning and maintenance. From removable fabric canopies to attached patio umbrella canopies, we’ve got you covered. Our tips will help you keep your shade features in top condition all season long. Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll discuss repair options! Visit Hauser’s Patio for all your outdoor furniture cleaner needs.

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year with these Easy Tips. Start by giving your patio surfaces and outdoor furnishings a deep clean to instantly refresh your space. Then, incorporate trendy colors through paint, rugs, flowers, and decorative objects for a vibrant look. Don’t forget to provide plenty of shade options like umbrellas or sail shades to stay cool during hot days. Finally, add a focal point such as an oversized planter or outdoor gas fireplace to create a dramatic centerpiece in your backyard. Get ready to enjoy your refreshed outdoor lounge all year round!

Start Your Spring Cleaning Outdoors

outdoor water hose

Get your outdoor space ready for spring with our tips on how to clean, protect, and repair your patio furniture. Start with a good wash using our specially formulated cleaner that works on vinyl, acrylic fabrics, aluminum frames, and more. Then use our non-greasy and nontoxic protectant to keep your furniture looking fresh all season long. Finally, make any necessary repairs to ensure the safety and functionality of your outdoor seating. Get started now so you can enjoy a renewed backyard oasis in no time!

Tips for Cleaning Your Backyard Oasis Part 2

outdoor water hose

Get your outdoor living room ready for summer with these valuable tips for cleaning your backyard oasis. From power washing the siding on your house to hosing down wrought iron furniture, this blog post covers all the necessary steps to spruce up your outdoor space. Learn how to clean textured outdoor furnishings and maintain teak wood furniture using gentle cleaning solutions. Don’t miss out on enjoying the outdoors because of maintenance – let us help you preserve what you have!

Clean and Refresh Your Patio Furniture for Spring

Patio Renaissance Huntington

Get your patio furniture ready for spring with our simple cleaning tips. No need to buy expensive products – a watered-down bleach or vinegar solution works wonders on resin, plastic, and fabric pieces. For mold and mildew on wooden furniture, add ammonia, dish soap, and baking soda to the mix. Don’t forget about wicker and rattan – a gentle soap and water solution will do the trick. And if you have aluminum furniture, it’s easy to clean! If your old furniture is beyond repair, check out our selection of fresh and safe options. Contact us for any questions or extra support in refreshing your backyard oasis!