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A Guide to Patio Furniture Repair

Outdoor Cushions and Upholstery at Hauser's Patio

With the dawn of a new year, this may be the perfect time to start fresh with your outdoor furnishings. Come spring, you will not want to drag out your old patio furniture if it needs repair or refurbishment. Luckily, when you are looking for outdoor furniture repair San Diego residents need only contact Hauser’s […]

Why Powder Coated Aluminum Is the Best Outdoor Furniture

Step into any luxury backyard oasis in the San Diego area and you’re likely to find a common thread: powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture reigns supreme. But beyond its sleek aesthetic, this material boasts a hidden arsenal of advantages, making powder coated aluminum the king of outdoor furniture. Let’s delve into the reasons why powder […]

Can My Patio Furniture Be Saved?

Is your patio furniture looking worn and damaged? Don’t rush to replace it just yet! With the right care and maintenance, most patio furniture can be saved. Assess the damage and consider options like refinishing wood frames or powder coating aluminum pieces for a fresh new look. Replace worn-out slings or upholstery with durable outdoor fabric. Hauser’s Patio offers expert repair services, including replacing parts from major brands. Take care of your patio furniture by cleaning regularly, protecting it from the elements, and staying on top of repairs.

Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture Buyer’s Guide Part II

Looking to upgrade your outdoor space? Our powder coated aluminum patio furniture is built to last, with welded joints for added strength and durability. With a variety of colors and designs available, you can customize your furniture to match any style. Plus, our comprehensive warranties ensure that your investment will look good and perform well for years to come. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to creating your backyard oasis. Shop our collection today!

Buyer’s Guide to Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture Part I

Looking for durable and elegant outdoor furniture? Discover the benefits of powder coated aluminum patio furniture in our buyer’s guide. Learn why it’s so popular, how it compares to wrought iron, and its resistance to rust and degradation over time. Find out what to look for in terms of finishes and styles that will enhance your luxury backyard oasis. Stay tuned for Part II coming soon!

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Care Kit by Hauser's Patio

Get your outdoor space ready for spring with our guide to cleaning patio furniture. Whether you need to repair, refurbish, or simply give your pieces a good rinse, we’ve got you covered. Our proprietary patio furniture cleaner is tough on dirt and stains but gentle on finishes and fabrics. Finish off the process with our multipurpose protectant formula to keep your furniture looking fresh all season long. Say goodbye to winter grime and hello to a beautiful outdoor oasis!

Elevate Your Garden: The Truth About Aluminum Patio Sets

Looking for outdoor furniture? Discover the pros and cons of aluminum patio furniture in our latest blog post. Learn about the different types of aluminum, maintenance tips, and color options available. Find out why cast aluminum is a great investment due to its durability and good looks. Browse through our inventory of high-quality cast aluminum pieces at Hauser’s Patio to find your perfect style today!