Best Finds for Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture is very popular in Southern California, whether that means mid-century modern or contemporary. However, it is not always easy to find the exact pieces you want to furnish your luxury backyard oasis. Luckily, we’ve done the digging for you. Here are some of our recommendations for modern outdoor furniture that you will […]

Five Backyard Upgrades to Enjoy this Summer

Summer is here. When was the last time you assessed the furnishings and accessories in your luxury outdoor oasis? If it has been a while, do not waste any more time living without ultimate comfort, memory-making entertaining, and the best purchases your money can buy. Take into consideration these five backyard upgrades to enjoy this […]

Best Bets for a Baby Friendly Backyard

Patio chairs and table by pool in San Diego, CA

Oh baby! If you have a little one in your household or are expecting one soon – congratulations! Now is the time to start thinking about the changes you will need to make to keep the youngest member safe and happy. No need to keep them out of the fresh air and sunshine. With spring […]

Tips for Decorating a Deck with Style

seaside casual buffet

If you think about, what is a deck other than outdoor “living room?” As such, it should receive the same care and thought you would put into decorating any other space. In this article, we examine ways to use color, furniture and accessories to make decorating a deck with style easy peasy. Treat the Deck […]

Back Porch Design Ideas

When is the last time you really looked at the back porch of your home? Does it need a bit of TLC? If you and your family are more likely to hang out around the pool or gather around a fire pit in the backyard, the porch that provides egress to the yard may get […]

Coastal Grandma Style and How to Use It In Your Backyard

If you are a fan of Tik Tok, chances are that by now you have heard of the viral decorating and style trend called coastal grandma. Also referred to as coastal grandmother, it evokes a vibe that blends in perfectly with our Southern California lifestyle. Here is more about coastal grandma style and how you […]

Best Outdoor Furniture for Narrow Decks Part II

seaside casual buffet

Not every homeowner is blessed with a large amount of outdoor space to design. However, a limited area comes with several drawbacks that make it harder to decorate. In our first article in this series, we looked at adding outdoor furniture that serves a purpose, especially entertaining and visiting with guests. In this second installment, […]

Outdoor Furniture Best for a Small Deck Part I

Just because you only have a small deck to work with does not mean you can’t turn this space into a backyard oasis. By giving some thought to layout and choosing pieces that are the right scale, this area is sure to become a popular place to relax and unwind. Here are a few suggestions […]

Summer 2022 Outdoor Furniture Trends

It may seem hard to believe but summer is officially only days away. Are you ready to take full advantage of the season with plenty of parties and activities planned? To get your backyard oasis ready for the most anticipated season of the year, consider these popular summer 2022 outdoor furniture trends and see which […]

Lanai Porch Ideas for Your California Home

Do you have a lanai attached to your home? Is this a project you have been considering? If you are looking for fresh ways to decorate this outdoor space, we have several suggestions. Read on to find out how a lanai is different from a porch or patio and the special considerations for its furnishings […]

What to Consider When Adding a Terrace to Your Backyard

Have you thought about adding a terrace to your backyard this summer? If so, we’d like to present to you a few things to consider that you may not have previously thought about, such as what you will use this area for and where it should be placed. Read on for additional information about adding […]

Outdoor Furniture Best for Your Beach House Part II

We posted an article last month about tips for best outdoor furnishings for your beach house. In that article, we discussed the different types of spaces you might find in the outdoor areas of your beach house and the appropriate furniture for each space. It also reviewed the best type of material for outdoor beach […]

Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Beach House Part I

If you are fortunate enough to have a beach house to spend summers and weekends, then you know how important it is to make sure it well-equipped and comfortable. Rather than rushing into buying furnishings for the outdoor living space, take a bit of time and think about what is needed and where it should […]

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year

Here we are again at the start of a new year, filled with wishes and hopes for something better, more relaxed, less stressful. In order to help make your time at home more relaxing, ensure you have everything necessary to kick back in comfort and enjoy time with family and friends. The following ways to […]

Maximize Your Small Front Porch

Oftentimes in a homeowner’s quest to create the perfect backyard oasis, the front porch is an afterthought. This could be due to a lack of ideas for decorating and defining the area or simply the fact that we use a garage and never really spend a lot of time looking at the front of the […]

4 Fresh Ideas for Refreshing Your Patio

With the end of summer drawing near, you may have a bit more time on your hands to attend to some of the items neglected in your outdoor space. As we transition to fall, this is an excellent time to take stock of your backyard oasis and assess what needs to be done to get […]

Size Matters: Furnishing Your Spacious Outdoor Living Room

Recently we offered an article regarding size considerations when furnishing a small outdoor living room. In this article, we go beyond space limitations and offer advice regarding space considerations for a larger backyard patio. For this size matters post, we delve into figuring out the proper dimensions for an outdoor dining area, courtyard, fire pit […]

Size Matters: Furnishing Your Small Outdoor Living Room

When you picture a luxury, resort-style backyard, you may envision an area that is quite sizable. However, that is not always the case. Even if you have a small outdoor living room, there is no reason it cannot be filled with beautiful accessories and the highest quality furnishings. Just remember that size matters. If you […]

Give Your Backyard Oasis a Tropical Vibe

Is your favorite vacation spot on an island surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise water? Do you live for summer each year? Do palm trees and frozen drinks with an umbrella give you a good feeling? Then why not let your outside style reflect it? Here is how to give your backyard oasis a tropical vibe […]

Deck Design Dos and Don’ts

Have you recently added a deck to your home? Perhaps there has been a deck in place, but you just do not know what to do with it in terms of style and furnishings. We encourage you to think about deck design much as you would an interior living space by deciding on a color […]

Outdoor Living Trends 2021 Part II

In continuation of our article series on the best outdoor living trends 2021, these ideas will help you whip your front porch, patio, deck or backyard oasis into shape. Get ready for lots of fun summer entertaining and living with this recap of the best trends we have identified for this year’s casual and more […]

Wraparound Porch Decorating Ideas

Are you lucky enough to have a wraparound porch at your home? Once a popular feature in site-built homes of past decades, the wraparound porch is becoming less common – but no less functional. A covered, wraparound porch provides lots of extra space, seasonal opportunities, and the comfort of an old-fashioned experience entertaining or simply […]

2021 Trends in Outdoor Living Space Part I

Last year, as the pandemic started and people got used to spending much more time than normal at home, our focus was on turning our outdoor living spaces into comfortable enclaves where we could enjoy spending time with family. This year, that trend continues. We are still seeing backyards, porches and patios being upgraded with […]

Superb Side Yard Style Ideas

In your quest to make the most of your outdoor living room, consider pepping up your side yard style. This oft-ignored little slice of backyard may not be a large area, but that does not mean it can’t serve a function as an extra seating, entertaining or play area/. Here are our suggestions for ways […]

Midcentury Modern for Your Backyard Oasis

There is one style that is a perennial favorite amongst designers and particularly those here in southern California and that is midcentury modern. Its clean lines and organic curves lend themselves to our contemporary lifestyles and blend right in with the oceanside landscape in our backyards. With that in mind, here are several ideas that […]

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