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Patio furniture extends your interior living room outside and offers more than simply a place to dine or unwind. The greatest patio furniture enhances your outside area while being comfy and long-lasting. We can help you design an outside environment that you and your family will enjoy for years with our collection of outdoor patio furniture.

The selection at Hauser’s Patio allows you to get creative with your patio design and add your own flair with the numerous customization possibilities available for outdoor furniture.

Select a weathered wooden patio table with a bench for a more rural or farmhouse appearance. Bright outdoor pillows, cushions, or outdoor poufs may add pops of color to any decor. Combine some of your existing furniture or accessories with metal outdoor lounge chairs’ clean lines and neutral accents for a contemporary yet minimalist look.

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Create Your Personal Outside Oasis

Space need not be an obstacle to your patio remodel, whether you have a big lawn or a little backyard. With our wide selection of outdoor furniture sets, we simplify the process and remove the element of guessing from space-saving. To create a welcome ambiance, think about using gentle outside illumination, such as string lights or outdoor torches. Great outdoor furniture additions include outdoor rocking chairs, porch swings, outdoor chaise lounge chairs, and treks that end with a hammock support.

For children and teenagers to have their own particular space in the yard, try placing a picnic table on one end of a larger deck and an outdoor sofa on the other. Alternatively, you might split your grass into a quaint area with a bench.

What Should I Consider When Buying Patio Furniture?

There are a few things to consider when you start looking at patio furniture:

Is the furniture the right size for the outside space it will be utilized in? Large furniture groups may overshadow a tiny deck or backyard patio. On the other hand, a huge deck looks excellent with a larger gathering.

Will the outdoor patio furniture have enough seats for everyone? Consider parties, outside eating, and the intended audience for the furnishings. If you need extra outdoor seating, keep in mind that stackable metal or resin chairs may be stored in a short area.

Do the furniture’s designs and colors match those in your house? When it comes to decorating, treat the outdoor area of your deck or patio just like any other room in your house. The styles of outdoor furniture range from contemporary to coastal. Choose from pillows in as many vibrant or muted hues as you choose.

It’s crucial to properly maintain your outdoor furniture to ensure it lasts for years to come. It’s critical to determine how much room you’ll need for storage and to take into account the local weather.

Construction Materials

It’s important to consider which materials of the frames you want to invest in. We have many different materials, each with their own benefits.

Plastic & Resin

If you want to make a small financial sacrifice while still giving your patio or garden area a stylish appearance, plastic or resin furniture is recommended. This material is reasonably priced and resistant to moderate weather. This substance is incredibly light. Regarding durability, plastic or resin furniture is more prone to fading depending on the external weather conditions.


Aluminum is rust-proof and lightweight. Aluminum is strong and resilient, and it can tolerate damage. Aluminum takes finishes well, which is significant given that your outdoor furniture may be subject to dampness and bad weather. There are many different colors and finish choices.

Steel & Iron

Patio dining sets and furnishings made of steel or wrought iron are incredibly sturdy and resilient. Although this material is hefty, moving it indoors during the off-season is not necessary. This style of outdoor furniture is intended for more sustained and long-term use. It will eventually need to be painted due to wear, but this offers you the freedom to experiment with other color schemes or design elements. The strongest and heaviest of all metal patio furniture won’t blow over since it is so heavy. For comfort, cushions are needed for iron chair frames.


The ideal garden furniture to complete your outside space is made of wood. A healthy balance between comfort and the outdoors is achieved by the material’s ability to blend in with the environment. In order to preserve the quality, you must regularly treat this furniture with a stain. This wood product comes in a variety of species and hues, including cedar, teak, cypress, and redwood.


Because it can be used both inside and outside, wicker is a perfect material for sunrooms, porches, decks, and patios. The best way to enjoy outdoor wicker furniture is with added cushions for comfort and support.

Patio Tables

Although tables are sometimes included with patio sets, you may also purchase them separately to design a unique eating or discussion area that fits your environment. You may choose the surface for your tabletop from alternatives like glass, tile, wood, or metal, depending on your needs. Along with dining tables, you may also find standalone coffee tables, end tables, and bar-height tables. If you want to provide shade, a patio table with an umbrella hole is a must. Are you looking to enjoy chilly evenings in the spring or fall? To keep your patio comfortable, look for a fire table.

Creative Seating Arrangements

Two common seating alternatives that may also serve as dining chairs are swivel rockers and cushioned patio chairs. Look into patio egg chairs, hammock seats, and outdoor recliners.

With or without a cushion, caned and woven seat choices are cozy, and they look wonderful paired with a small accent table. There are chairs with high, mid, and low backs available. All chair styles may be customized with ornamental cushions if you want more back support or simply a splash of color.


Beyond the conventional chaise lounges, additional seating options now include benches, daybeds, gliders, swings, and garden stools. Collections include all the conveniences of inside furniture, including chairs with matching ottomans, patio loveseats, and outdoor couches. Treat yourself to the best in relaxation and comfort.

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Founded in 1963, Hauser’s Patio produced some of the finest wood and aluminum outdoor furniture available at the time. Today we represent many of the best brands of patio furniture, shade, and outdoor heating. In addition to selling new outdoor furniture, we have in-house upholstery and service department for all of your commercial and residential patio service and repair needs.