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Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year with these Easy Tips. Start by giving your patio surfaces and outdoor furnishings a deep clean to instantly refresh your space. Then, incorporate trendy colors through paint, rugs, flowers, and decorative objects for a vibrant look. Don’t forget to provide plenty of shade options like umbrellas or sail shades to stay cool during hot days. Finally, add a focal point such as an oversized planter or outdoor gas fireplace to create a dramatic centerpiece in your backyard. Get ready to enjoy your refreshed outdoor lounge all year round!

Smoke Free Fire Features

fire table

Upgrade your outdoor space with these cozy and modern smoke-free fire features. Opt for a propane or natural gas fire pit or fireplace to enjoy warmth without the hassle of burning wood. These clean and easy-to-start options are perfect for Southern California residents who want to add a touch of elegance to their backyard oasis. Choose from large gas fireplaces, stylish fire pits, or contemporary fire bowls that will enhance the look and comfort of your outdoor area all year long.

What to Know Before Buying a Fire Pit Part I

chiseled fire pit

Looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor space? Before you make a purchase, there are important factors to consider. In this blog post, we discuss regulations and codes that may affect where you can place your fire pit. We also cover construction permits for different types of models and the ideal placement for safety and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on these crucial tips before buying a fire pit! Stay tuned for Part II coming soon with more valuable information.

Superb Side Yard Style Ideas

Transform your side yard into a functional and stylish outdoor space with these superb ideas. Whether you want to create a spa-like oasis, an outdoor kitchen, a cozy fireside lounge, or a safe play area for kids, we’ve got you covered. With the right furniture, accessories, and landscaping elements, your side yard can become an intimate and private extension of your outdoor living room. Start maximizing the potential of this often-overlooked space today!

Buyer’s Guide to Fire Pits Part I

outdoor firefall fireplace

Looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor space? Our buyer’s guide has you covered! In Part I, we discuss important considerations such as city building codes, whether you want a permanent or portable fire pit, and the best location for your new feature. Stay tuned for Parts II and III for more valuable information before making your purchase. Don’t miss out on creating the perfect ambiance in your luxury backyard with our expert tips!

Add a Hint of Cozy Warmth with Hearth Products

fire bowl

Looking to add a cozy touch to your backyard? Check out our range of hearth products, including modern fire pits in various styles and sizes. These portable options are perfect for any home and can even double as grills or decorative pieces. For a more permanent solution, consider installing a gas fireplace that adds ambiance and value to your outdoor living space. And don’t forget about outdoor heaters for added warmth throughout the year. Find the perfect hearth product at Hauser’s Patio with Southern California style!

Tis the Season for Outdoor Warmth and Light

fire bowl

Get ready for the holiday season with outdoor warmth and light! Illuminate your backyard oasis with low pathway markers, LED candles in hurricanes, and subtle LED details on outdoor artwork. Create a romantic mood with string lights hanging from your porch or across your outdoor living room. Add a festive touch to your space with luminarias made from durable materials. Stay cozy during chilly nights with an outdoor gas fireplace or fire urns scattered throughout your luxury outdoor living area. Complete the holiday ambiance by incorporating simple decorations like toss pillows, evergreen boughs, glass hurricanes filled with cranberries or pine cones, and string lighting on trees. Let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for all of your holiday entertaining needs!

When Relaxation Matters Take It Home

Create Your Perfect Backyard Oasis with Hauser’s Patio: Transform your California room into a luxurious living space with comfortable outdoor furnishings and accessories. From plush sofas to swivel rocker lounge chairs, we have everything you need to create the ultimate relaxation spot in your own backyard. Enjoy morning coffee or evening meals at a bar height table or full dining set, complete with ambient lighting. And don’t forget about year-round comfort – add shade features for summer and an outdoor fireplace for those cool San Diego nights. Create your dream oasis today!

So Easy to Customize and Order an Outdoor Gas Fireplace Online

American Fyre Reduced Grand Cordova outdoor gas fireplace

Looking to add a majestic fireplace to your outdoor living space? Look no further! Hauser’s Patio offers customizable American Fyre outdoor gas fireplaces that you can easily order online. Crafted from durable glass fiber reinforced concrete, these fireplaces are resistant to rust and heat damage. With various sizes, venting options, colors, and fire media choices available, you can create the perfect fireplace for your needs. Don’t wait – order today and enjoy cozy evenings by the fire in no time!

Top 10 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Gas Fireplace in San Diego

outdoor firefall fireplace

Looking to enhance your outdoor living space in San Diego? Discover the top 10 reasons why you need an outdoor gas fireplace. From providing cozy warmth on chilly nights to easy installation and low operating costs, these fireplaces are a clean and stylish addition to any backyard. Choose from a variety of designs and accessories to create the perfect focal point for your outdoor décor. Don’t miss out on this must-have feature for year-round enjoyment!

The Best Way to Enjoy the Winter in San Diego

gas fire pit surround

Looking for a way to enjoy the winter weather in San Diego? Look no further than portable outdoor heaters, outdoor fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces. With options for every style and function, you can stay warm and cozy while enjoying your backyard year-round. Whether you’re hosting a party or just relaxing on your patio, these products are perfect for creating a comfortable outdoor space. Visit Hauser’s Patio today to find the perfect heating solution for your needs.