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Best Bets for a Baby Friendly Backyard

Patio chairs and table by pool in San Diego, CA

Create a Safe and Fun Baby Friendly Backyard with These Best Bets! Keep your little one protected from the sun’s harmful rays with shady loungers, market umbrellas, or sail shades. Opt for a cantilever patio umbrella that provides shade exactly where you need it. Create soft surfaces like grass or polypropylene rugs to cushion baby’s knees and feet. Set up a comfy lounge corner with plenty of open space for safe exploration. Rest easy knowing your baby will stay safe and enjoy the outdoors in this baby friendly backyard paradise!

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year

Refresh Your Outdoor Lounge in the New Year with these Easy Tips. Start by giving your patio surfaces and outdoor furnishings a deep clean to instantly refresh your space. Then, incorporate trendy colors through paint, rugs, flowers, and decorative objects for a vibrant look. Don’t forget to provide plenty of shade options like umbrellas or sail shades to stay cool during hot days. Finally, add a focal point such as an oversized planter or outdoor gas fireplace to create a dramatic centerpiece in your backyard. Get ready to enjoy your refreshed outdoor lounge all year round!

Treasure Garden Umbrella Options

Looking for the perfect shade feature for your luxury patio? Look no further than Treasure Garden umbrella options. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you can find the ideal shade solution that complements your outdoor living space. Whether you prefer market umbrellas or shade umbrellas with wood or aluminum frames, Treasure Garden has it all. Plus, their durable fabrics like Sunbrella ensure long-lasting protection against weather elements. Don’t miss out on these high-quality and stylish umbrellas for your backyard oasis!

Adding the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year to Your Backyard Oasis

wave collection lounger brown jordan

Discover how to incorporate the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, into your backyard oasis. This blog post offers creative ideas for adding this vibrant hue to your outdoor space through shade umbrellas, throw pillows and upholstery options. Learn why Living Coral is a versatile color that pairs well with other neutral shades and discover tips on creating a refreshing spin in your backyard decor. Perfect for those looking to stay trendy while enhancing their outdoor living room’s aesthetic appeal!

When Relaxation Matters Take It Home

Create Your Perfect Backyard Oasis with Hauser’s Patio: Transform your California room into a luxurious living space with comfortable outdoor furnishings and accessories. From plush sofas to swivel rocker lounge chairs, we have everything you need to create the ultimate relaxation spot in your own backyard. Enjoy morning coffee or evening meals at a bar height table or full dining set, complete with ambient lighting. And don’t forget about year-round comfort – add shade features for summer and an outdoor fireplace for those cool San Diego nights. Create your dream oasis today!

Add European Sophistication to Your Backyard with a Jardinico Caractère Umbrella

jardinico charactere umbrella

Transform your backyard into a European oasis with the elegant Jardinico Caractère Umbrella. Designed with superior Belgian craftsmanship, these shade structures exude sophistication and style. With four different collections to choose from, each umbrella is made with impeccable attention to detail and quality materials. The sleek design of the umbrella pole combined with its ability to withstand extreme weather makes it both functional and beautiful. Customize your own unique shade structure by selecting from a variety of frame and fabric colors. Elevate your outdoor living space with a touch of European charm today!

Entertainer of the Year is…TUUCI Shade Structures!

TUUCI shade structure

Transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious oasis with TUUCI shade structures. Provide comfort and protection for your guests with the Vineyard Shade Pod Cantilever umbrella, featuring individually controlled quadrants. Combine style and functionality with the sculptural beauty of the TUCCI Stingray umbrella, perfect for any setting. Create a resort-like atmosphere with market umbrellas that emulate five-star luxury resorts. Make your entertaining space exceptional with TUUCI shade structures that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Summer Staycation? Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort With TUUCI Umbrellas

TUUCI umbrellas

Transform your home into a luxurious resort with TUUCI umbrellas. Create a poolside oasis by pairing chaise lounges with elegant market umbrellas for shade and relaxation. Enhance your outdoor dining experience with intimate groupings and stylish Stingray umbrellas. Emphasize the stunning view in your backyard by constructing a platform with plush seating facing the scenery, protected from the elements by freestanding shade umbrellas. Bring world-class comfort to your staycation with TUUCI’s beautiful and practical accessories for an unforgettable summer at home.

Color Your World with a Treasure Garden Shade Umbrella

Treasure Garden shade umbrella

Transform your outdoor space with a Treasure Garden shade umbrella. Available in various sizes, styles, and fabrics, these umbrellas are designed to add color and style to any backyard or patio. Coordinate the upholstery of your furniture with the vibrant hues of the umbrella for a cohesive look. Or create contrast by using a bold accent color against neutral tones. With their quality craftsmanship and durability, Treasure Garden umbrellas are the perfect addition to elevate your outdoor living area.