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Patio Furniture Protectant

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If your outdoor furniture is looking dull or just showing its age, the easiest fix is to apply our Patio Furniture Protectant. At Hauser’s Patio, we use a proprietary product that both cleans and protects the frames and works well on many types of materials, such as powder-coated metals, HDPE weaves. and vinyl. Also great for use on automotive plastic trim, vinyl interiors, and more!

Commercial & Residential

Commercial and residential customers alike use our cleaner and protector to enhance the cleanliness of their properties through Southern California. and beyond. The name of the game is saving time, the best way to do so is to use products that are manufactured for the specific task at hand.

Available in 32 oz. with Spray Trigger and Gallon bottle

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16 Oz., 32 Oz., 1 Gallon




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