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4 Reasons Beyond Warmth to Add an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor patio with heating solution

Looking to enhance your outdoor living area? Discover the four reasons why adding an outdoor fireplace is a must. Not only does it provide warmth during cooler temperatures, but it also creates a dramatic focal point and establishes structure in your backyard. Plus, enjoy the heat and light that an outdoor fireplace offers for cooking or cozy gatherings. And don’t forget about the added value it brings to your home! Check out our blog post for more details on this luxurious addition to your outdoor space.

An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Is the Best Way to Stay Toasty in the New Year

outdoor gas fireplace

Upgrade your backyard with an outdoor gas fireplace and stay toasty in the new year. Energy efficient and easy to use, these fireplaces provide real warmth without the hassle of wood burning. With realistic flames and low maintenance, you can enjoy a cozy ambiance all year long. Say goodbye to smoke residue and flying ash – an outdoor gas fireplace is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Upgrade now for ultimate warmth and comfort in the new year!

Spend Thanksgiving Gathered Around the Fire

Dining Height Fire Table

Get ready to spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire with family and friends! Create a cozy outdoor oasis by adding an eco-friendly fire feature to your backyard. Choose from natural gas or propane models for convenience and mobility. Consider your lifestyle when selecting a style of fire pit, whether it’s a dining table, chat height pit, or marshmallow roasting station. Add some flair with colorful fire glass as media for extra dazzle. Don’t forget to create the perfect ambiance with string lights, patio heaters, and outdoor speakers. Get ready to entertain in style this Thanksgiving!

So Easy to Customize and Order an Outdoor Gas Fireplace Online

American Fyre Reduced Grand Cordova outdoor gas fireplace

Looking to add a majestic fireplace to your outdoor living space? Look no further! Hauser’s Patio offers customizable American Fyre outdoor gas fireplaces that you can easily order online. Crafted from durable glass fiber reinforced concrete, these fireplaces are resistant to rust and heat damage. With various sizes, venting options, colors, and fire media choices available, you can create the perfect fireplace for your needs. Don’t wait – order today and enjoy cozy evenings by the fire in no time!

Add a Custom Touch to Your Backyard Oasis with a Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor patio with heating solution

Enhance your backyard oasis with the Grand Cordova Outdoor Fireplace by American Fyre. This gas-burning fireplace offers a touch of cozy warmth and elegant beauty to your outdoor living space. With customizable options such as venting, key valve placement, and gas source location, you can create the perfect fireplace for your needs. Choose from different sizes, configurations, and color finishes to match your backyard’s aesthetic. Add accessories like a rain cap or scroll screen for added functionality. Create a luxurious outdoor atmosphere with this customizable outdoor fireplace from American Fyre Designs.
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