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Prepping Your Patio for Spring

Cushion patio chairs around table by Hauser's Patio

The days are getting longer, the sun is stretching higher, and a gentle warmth stirs the air. Spring is on its way, and with it comes the promise of breezy afternoons and evenings spent soaking up the sun in your outdoor oasis. But before you break out the barbecue and string lights, it’s time to […]

Can My Patio Furniture Be Saved?

Is your patio furniture looking worn and damaged? Don’t rush to replace it just yet! With the right care and maintenance, most patio furniture can be saved. Assess the damage and consider options like refinishing wood frames or powder coating aluminum pieces for a fresh new look. Replace worn-out slings or upholstery with durable outdoor fabric. Hauser’s Patio offers expert repair services, including replacing parts from major brands. Take care of your patio furniture by cleaning regularly, protecting it from the elements, and staying on top of repairs.

Sling Patio Chairs Vs. Webbing And Vinyl Straps: What You Need To Know To Make The Best Choice For Your Patio

Kenzo dining set from Tropitone

Discover the advantages of sling patio chairs versus webbing and vinyl straps for your outdoor seating needs. Sling chairs offer superior comfort, durability, and easy replacement options compared to traditional webbed or strapped furniture. With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, Hauser’s Patio has everything you need to transform your outdoor space with stylish and comfortable sling patio furniture. Browse our selection today!

Advantages of Sling Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

Discover the Advantages of Sling Patio Furniture for your luxury backyard oasis. Made from durable and weather-resistant materials, sling furniture is built to last. With easy maintenance and quick drying capabilities, it’s a breeze to keep clean. Enjoy cool seating on hot summer days with increased airflow. Lightweight and easy to store, you can rearrange or stow away effortlessly. Water permeable slings prevent mold and mildew buildup while providing comfortable seating for you and your guests. Plus, rehabbing your sling patio furniture is simple with chair replacement options in various colors and patterns available at Hauser’s Patio – San Diego’s premier outdoor store.

Repair, Refinish, Renew Your Outdoor Furniture for the Holidays

Is your outdoor furniture looking worn and tired? Get it ready for the holiday season with Hauser’s Patio repair services. Our experienced staff can refinish powder-coated aluminum frames, replace upholstery including fabric slings and vinyl straps, and fix any small issues that may be affecting functionality. We strip down each piece, sandblast to remove old finishes and dirt, apply a primer for protection against corrosion, and finish with a durable color coating of your choice. Give your luxury backyard a facelift just in time for entertaining guests this holiday season!

Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture for the Holidays with Replacement Slings

Remarkably Professional Tropitone Replacement Slings Are Here

Get your outdoor furniture ready for the holidays with replacement slings from Hauser’s Patio. Our easy-to-use process allows you to measure and customize your sling fabric, or we can do it for you. Choose from a variety of colors and styles in durable Sunbrella or Phifertex fabrics that are designed to withstand any weather conditions. With quick shipping options available, your patio furniture will be refreshed and ready for entertaining in no time. Don’t wait – start sprucing up your backyard oasis today!