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Product Description

We Use It
For most things Patio

Our quality control process starts with our cleaner. We apply it to each piece of furniture prior to quality control inspection to ensure we  don’t overlook anything that was previously under dust/dirt. Also works great for marine and auto applications.

We also apply our Patio Furniture Protectant to furniture orders delivered to local customers thought-out Southern California.

Works Great On

Patio furniture cushions

Powder Coated Furniture

Umbrella Canopies

Patio Furniture Slings

Strapped Furniture

Polymer (HDPE) Furniture

Excellent Value

Concentrated Formula

Use full-strength or dilute

Works on Hard surfaces & Fabrics

Stain Treating and General Cleaning

For Commercial & Residential Use

Commercial and residential customers alike use our cleaner and protector to enhance and extend the cleanliness of their properties through Southern California and beyond. The name of the game is saving time, the best way to do so is to use products that are manufactured for the specific task at hand. Same time and money by using our Patio Furniture and Fabric Cleaner.

Designed to remove oxidation, bird droppings, stains, and other surface contaminates. Our cleaner is specifically formulated to be tough on grim but remain safe and effective on solution dyed acrylic fabrics and other surfaces common to patio furniture.

How much do I need to clean my furniture?

Our formula is a concentrate, so a little bit goes a long way. We suggest using it full strength for stains and diluting for general cleaning. For larger jobs, our cleaner can be injected inline with a power washer.

Available in 32 oz. with Spray Trigger and Gallon bottle

Make It Unique, Make It Yours!
Bottle Size

32 Oz., 1 Gallon


Hausers Patio


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