Buying Guide to Finding the Perfect Chaise Lounge Part III

Woven Outdoor Sun Loungers

In this final installment of our three-part series on finding the perfect chaise lounge for your luxury outdoor living area we get to the fun stuff: picking out the style that best suits your tastes and adding accessories to make this piece of furniture even more comfortable. If you have not read Part I and […]

Tips for Buying the Perfect Chaise Lounge Part II

Does lying back and relaxing on a chaise lounge sound good about now? If you have not already read our previous post on finding the perfect chaise lounge, you may want to review that first. While that article goes over the history, features and the various materials available for modern chaise lounges, in this article […]

Buying Guide to the Perfect Chaise Lounge Part I

Is there anything better than laying back and relaxing on a chaise lounge while the sun is shining and the temperature outside is perfect? Well, maybe there are a few things but when it comes to enjoying time in your backyard oasis, there are few better options than a high-quality chaise lounge that hits your […]

Patio Pool Porch Pavilion – Best Outdoor Seating for Each

What characterizes a luxury outdoor retreat? It’s usually up to the seating. Providing ultimate comfort in just the right form is one way to ensure that everyone has the perfect place to kick back and prop up their feet while enjoying the beautiful weather on an autumn day. Here are our top picks for the […]

Resolve to Upgrade Your Outdoor Seating in 2019

tres chic chaise lounges

Amidst all the New Year’s resolutions we tend to make, here’s one that is far easier than losing weight, quitting smoking, getting in shape or any of the other popular promises we make to ourselves. We’re talking about taking your San Diego backyard and patio and turning these spaces into an ultra-comfy place for entertaining, […]

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