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From Dining to Relaxing: How to Make the Most of Your Propane Fire Pit Table

Aura teak fire table

Looking to enhance your outdoor living space? Check out our blog post on propane fire pit tables. These multipurpose pieces of furniture provide both a dining table and a source of heat, making them the perfect gathering spot for family and friends. With various shapes, sizes, and styles available, you can find the perfect fit for your backyard. Whether you’re hosting a meal or simply enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a firepit, a propane fire pit table is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Browse our selection today!

What to Know Before Buying a Fire Pit Part III

Looking to buy a fire pit? In this final installment of our three-part series, we cover style, size, and material considerations. From traditional square or round firetables to contemporary low-to-the-ground fire bowls, there’s something for every taste. Choose from petite options that sit atop tables or larger models like the Iron Saddle firetable. Consider the height of your fire pit as well – taller options are great for barstools while lower ones provide maximum heat when seated. Lastly, think about materials such as concrete, metal, stone, or reclaimed wood tops to ensure durability and style in any weather condition. Check out our comprehensive guide before making your purchase!

What to Know Before Buying a Gas Fire Pit Part II

fire bowl

Looking to buy a gas fire pit? In this blog post, we cover important safety considerations, such as turning off the fire feature and clearing debris around the unit. We also discuss the benefits of natural gas or propane fuel options, including instant lighting and cleaner air quality. Additionally, we explore whether you want a permanent installation or portability for your fire pit. Make an informed decision with our expert tips! Check out our selection of gas fire pits at [Blog URL].

What to Know Before Buying a Fire Pit Part I

chiseled fire pit

Looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor space? Before you make a purchase, there are important factors to consider. In this blog post, we discuss regulations and codes that may affect where you can place your fire pit. We also cover construction permits for different types of models and the ideal placement for safety and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on these crucial tips before buying a fire pit! Stay tuned for Part II coming soon with more valuable information.

Buyer’s Guide to Firepits Part II

fire table

Looking to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living space? Check out our buyer’s guide to fire pits! In this second installment, we cover important considerations such as cost, fuel options (natural gas or propane), permits, and safety. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding fire pit that can be easily moved or an installed outdoor fireplace that becomes the focal point of your backyard oasis, we’ve got you covered. Make informed decisions and create the perfect cozy atmosphere with our expert advice.

Add an Eco Friendly Fire Pit to Your Backyard Oasis

Casual Fireside gas fire pit by OW Lee

Looking to add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your backyard oasis? Consider an eco-friendly fire pit! Skip the wood-burning option and opt for a gas-powered fire pit instead. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they’re also easier to use and maintain. With plenty of styles and designs available, you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor space. Plus, you have the flexibility to customize with different media options like colored glass or lava rock. Just make sure to safely install it if using natural gas. Upgrade your backyard today with an eco-friendly fire pit from Hauser’s Patio!