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An Outdoor Gas Fireplace Is the Best Way to Stay Toasty in the New Year

outdoor gas fireplace

Upgrade your backyard with an outdoor gas fireplace and stay toasty in the new year. Energy efficient and easy to use, these fireplaces provide real warmth without the hassle of wood burning. With realistic flames and low maintenance, you can enjoy a cozy ambiance all year long. Say goodbye to smoke residue and flying ash – an outdoor gas fireplace is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Upgrade now for ultimate warmth and comfort in the new year!

A New Year – and a New Gas Fireplace

new gas fireplace

Start the new year off right by upgrading your old wood-burning fireplace to a sleek and efficient gas fireplace insert. Say goodbye to messy clean-ups, safety hazards, and the hassle of finding firewood. With a gas fireplace insert from Hauser’s Patio, you can enjoy mesmerizing flames in style with customizable options like glass or ceramic logs. Plus, it’s better for the environment! Make 2018 the year of cozy warmth and convenience in your home.

Insert Comfort Here with a Gas Fireplace Insert

Upgrade your home’s interior with a gas fireplace insert. Say goodbye to the hassle of wood-burning fireplaces and enjoy instant warmth and coziness in any room. Gas inserts are clean, convenient, and efficient, providing you with comfort even when the power goes out. With modern technology, these inserts come equipped with features like built-in thermostats and remote controls for ultimate convenience. Choose from a variety of burner systems and realistic fiber-enriched ceramic logs to create the perfect ambiance in your home. Don’t wait any longer – add a gas insert to your fireplace today!

Make Over Your Old Fireplace with New Hearth Products

indoor gas fireplace

Transform your old fireplace into a stunning centerpiece with new hearth products. Say goodbye to messy wood stoves and hello to instant warmth and cozy flames at the flip of a switch. Choose from various gas burners, realistic logs, and accessories for added flair. Our experts will even install these quality hearth products in your home hassle-free. Upgrade your indoor fireplace today and enjoy chilly fall nights in style.

Add Warmth to Your Home with an Indoor Gas Fireplace

logs on fireplace by Hauser's Patio

Upgrade your indoor gas fireplace with new burners, logs, and fire glass from Hauser’s Patio. Increase efficiency and warmth with a new burner unit or change the look of your fireplace with realistic gas logs in various styles. Add a touch of elegance to your hearth by incorporating decorative fire glass that reflects light beautifully. Don’t wait until it gets cold; upgrade now and beat the rush! Visit Hauser’s Patio for a wide selection of hearth products and professional installation services.