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Furniture Consignment Stores Near You: 6 Tips for a Great Deal

Finding Value in Furniture Consignment

Consignment Furniture Deals

Furniture consignment stores offer a treasure trove of unique pieces at substantial savings, providing a sustainable choice for savvy shoppers. The allure lies in the thrill of the hunt for quality items at reduced prices. At Hauser’s Patio, we understand the nuances of high-caliber outdoor furniture, and our insight steers those on the lookout for premium consignment finds. As a guide through the consignment landscape, we share our proficiency to enrich your shopping experience.

Understanding Furniture Consignment

Embarking on the journey of furniture consignment shopping begins with a fundamental understanding of what consignment entails. At its core, furniture consignment is a collaborative process where a store agrees to sell gently used furniture on behalf of the original owner. The owner retains ownership until the piece is sold, at which point both the consignment store and the owner share the proceeds based on a predetermined agreement.

When visiting furniture consignment stores, anticipate a treasure trove of unique and eclectic pieces, each with its own story and character. These stores curate a selection that often includes high-quality items at a fraction of their original retail price. It’s a place where patience and keen-eyed inspection can lead to the discovery of remarkable deals and hidden gems.

The common process in these stores is fairly straightforward. Furniture is assessed for quality and condition before being accepted for sale. Once on the floor, it’s available for customers to peruse and purchase. The consignment period typically has a set duration, after which unsold items may either be returned to the owner, donated, or discounted. Shoppers should also note that inventory frequently changes, making regular visits a strategy for not missing out on potential finds.

With an appreciation for the consignment model, shoppers are well-equipped to explore the possibilities these stores offer. It’s an adventure in sustainability, a hunt for quality, and an exercise in savvy shopping—all wrapped into one experience.

Tip 1: Research the Store’s Reputation and History

When embarking on the adventure of furniture consignment shopping, the cornerstone of a great deal often lies in the reputation and history of the store you choose. Consider the storied legacy of Hauser’s Patio, established in 1963, which serves as a testament to the trust and satisfaction it has cultivated over the years. This level of credibility is what you should seek out, as it often correlates with quality and reliability.

Begin your research by exploring online reviews and testimonials to gauge previous customers’ experiences. Look for patterns in feedback that highlight the store’s strengths, such as customer service excellence or a knack for housing unique, high-quality pieces. Remember, a store’s reputation is not just about the longevity of its business but also the consistency of positive customer interactions.

Customer service plays a pivotal role in the consignment shopping experience. Engage with staff, ask questions, and observe their willingness to assist and share knowledge. Stores that prioritize customer satisfaction, like Hauser’s Patio, demonstrate an understanding that a happy customer is a returning customer. It’s this level of service that can make your consignment shopping not just successful, but also enjoyable.

Tip 2: Inspect the Quality of Furniture

When it comes to furniture consignment, the adage “you get what you pay for” isn’t necessarily true. You can find exceptional pieces—durable, stylish, and well-maintained—at a fraction of their original cost. But it’s essential to channel the discerning eye of a professional, akin to the high standards of Hauser’s Patio , where quality is never compromised.

Start with a thorough inspection for signs of wear and tear. Gently run your hands along surfaces to feel for dents or scratches hidden from view. Open drawers, sit on chairs, and lean on tables to test their sturdiness. These simple actions reveal how well the furniture has been cared for and if it can stand up to further use in your home.

Moreover, the longevity of outdoor furniture is largely determined by the materials from which it is crafted. Seek out pieces made from robust materials designed to withstand the elements—much like the offerings at Hauser’s Patio. These materials, whether it be teak, wrought iron, or high-density polyethylene, not only promise durability but also add a timeless elegance to your outdoor spaces.

Remember, investing a little time in inspecting potential purchases can lead to years of enjoyment. By ensuring the furniture’s quality, you’re also investing in its future as a cherished part of your home.

Tip 3: Inquire About Return Policies and Consignment Terms

Embarking on the journey of furniture consignment shopping brings with it the need for a keen understanding of store policies. The cornerstone of a satisfactory purchase often lies in the return policy. A clear grasp of these terms safeguards your interests, allowing for peace of mind when committing to a piece of furniture that has a history. It’s imperative to inquire about the store’s protocol should an item not meet your expectations or fit your space as envisioned.

As you navigate through the array of consigned furniture, arm yourself with pertinent questions. Initiate a dialogue about consignment fees to unveil any costs that might be tucked away in the fine print. Understanding payment terms, including deposits or layaway options, empowers you to manage your budget effectively. Don’t overlook the significance of turnaround times, which dictate how long your chosen item might remain on hold or when it will become available for pickup or delivery.

Lastly, the clarity of a consignment agreement acts as your compass in the consignment terrain. It outlines the obligations and expectations of both parties, eliminating ambiguities that could cloud your consignment experience. Ensure that the agreement details the condition of the furniture, the agreed-upon price, and the duration of the consignment. This level of transparency is a hallmark of stores that prioritize customer satisfaction and echoes the professional, customer-centric ethos of businesses like Hauser’s Patio.

Tip 4: Explore Customization and Repair Services

One of the most significant advantages of shopping at furniture consignment stores is the opportunity to find pieces that can be tailored to your unique style and needs. Custom upholstery and repair services are not just amenities but necessities for ensuring the longevity of your furniture. These services can breathe new life into a consigned piece, making it a perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

Imagine taking an elegant, gently used patio chair and having it reupholstered to match your outdoor decor. This level of personalization is akin to the services offered by Hauser’s Patio, where the focus is on creating outdoor spaces that reflect the individuality of each homeowner. It’s these touches that transform a piece of furniture from a mere functional item into a cherished part of your living space.

Moreover, the availability of repair services means that you can invest in quality pieces with confidence, knowing that any wear can be addressed by skilled professionals. Whether it’s a loose leg on a table or a torn cushion, the right consignment store will provide you with options to restore your chosen furniture to its former glory or even better.

In essence, when you explore customization and repair services at furniture consignment stores, you’re not just buying furniture; you’re investing in the potential for a bespoke piece that will stand the test of time. It’s a smart shopping strategy that aligns with Hauser’s Patio’s commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Tip 5: Check for Promotions and Discounts

One of the smartest strategies for securing the best deals at furniture consignment stores is to keep an eye out for promotions and discounts. Drawing inspiration from notable sales such as the ’20th Anniversary Sale’ we’ve come across, shoppers can significantly reduce the cost of high-quality furniture by taking advantage of these opportunities.

It’s essential to inquire about any ongoing or anticipated sales events. A timely question to the staff might reveal upcoming promotions that have not yet been advertised to the general public. This proactive approach can lead to substantial savings and add incredible value to your consignment shopping experience.

Additionally, discounts have the power to transform a good find into a great steal. While the initial price on a consignment piece might already be lower than retail, a promotion or discount can further lower the investment on your part. This means you can allocate funds towards customizing or repairing your new piece, ensuring it fits perfectly within your living space. Ultimately, promotions and discounts not only make consignment shopping more affordable but also more rewarding.

Tip 6: Consider Additional Outdoor Living Elements

When embarking on the adventure of consignment furniture shopping, it’s important to think beyond the basics. Outdoor living spaces are an extension of your home, where memories are made and relaxation is key. This means considering not just furniture, but also the elements that enhance the comfort and utility of your outdoor oasis.

Shade options, for instance, offer a respite from the warm sun. Cantilever umbrellas and pavilions are not only functional but can also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor decor. Similarly, outdoor heating products extend the enjoyment of your space into the cooler evenings and seasons. Imagine gathering around a stylish fireplace or heater, sharing stories or savoring a quiet moment under the stars.

At Hauser’s Patio, we understand that the right variety of patio furniture sets can significantly impact your outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with one of our refined dining sets or lounging in our comfortable conversation seating, the quality and style of your furnishings should reflect your personal taste and meet your specific needs.

As you explore furniture consignment stores, let the offerings at Hauser’s Patio inspire you. Look for similar high-quality pieces like our polymer and wood furniture, which are designed to withstand the elements while providing comfort and style. And don’t forget to consider additional elements such as fire urns, lanterns, and fire tables, which can transform your outdoor space into a year-round haven.

Ultimately, the goal is to find consignment deals that elevate your outdoor living to new heights of luxury and enjoyment, much like the exceptional products and services provided by Hauser’s Patio.

Navigating Furniture Consignment Stores Near Me

Finding the right furniture consignment store can feel like searching for a hidden gem. It’s all about knowing where to look. The quest for that perfect piece or set begins with a strategy to locate stores that resonate with your style and offer the best deals. A good starting point is harnessing the power of online tools. Websites and apps dedicated to consignment shopping can be invaluable resources, offering listings and reviews of local shops at your fingertips.

Don’t overlook the importance of local knowledge either. Community boards, local magazines, and word-of-mouth recommendations can lead you to consignment stores that have just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re seeking out a vintage centerpiece or contemporary outdoor furnishings, tapping into the local scene can unearth some fantastic finds.

In your pursuit of consignment treasures, remember that patience and persistence are key. Each store has its unique selection, and inventory can change rapidly. Keep a keen eye on your favorite shops and don’t hesitate to revisit them regularly. You never know when the perfect piece will make its debut on the showroom floor.


As we reach the end of our insightful journey into the realm of furniture consignment, let’s take a moment to reiterate the essential steps to securing the best deals on pre-loved furnishings. We’ve navigated through various strategies, starting from the importance of a store’s reputation, akin to the esteemed standing of Hauser’s Patio, to the nuanced inspection of furniture quality that ensures durability and style.

Understanding the policies of consignment stores can shield you from future disappointments, and delving into possible customization and repair services can greatly extend the life and personal appeal of your furniture finds. Keeping an eye out for promotions and considering additional outdoor living elements can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and style.

To embody the essence of Hauser’s Patio’s commitment to excellence in your consignment shopping experiences, apply the benchmarks of quality, variety, and customer service that this esteemed brand represents. For those eager to elevate their outdoor living spaces, visit Hauser’s Patio to explore a collection of high-quality outdoor furniture and services that promise to enhance your home and lifestyle.

Explore With Confidence

Approach the adventure of furniture consignment shopping with the assurance that unique finds and exceptional deals are waiting for you. Just as Hauser’s Patio prides itself on offering a customer-centric experience, seek out consignment stores that value your satisfaction. Remember, your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and finding the right pieces can transform it into a personal oasis.

For those who are captivated by the allure of high-quality outdoor furniture and services, Hauser’s Patio invites you to explore our selection. Discover the comfort and elegance that our furniture brings to any outdoor setting.

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