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With the end of the year approaching, it may be time to start thinking about ways to refresh your backyard oasis. One way to redo it without having to invest in all new furnishings is to add fresh pops of new color to your outdoor space. Here we look at Pantone’s suggestions for a fresh “New York color palette” that looks right at home in any location, whether it’s the East Coast or West. The hues selected by Pantone for 2021 are shades found in nature, both classic yet inventive.

Get the Blues

Two fresh new takes on blue next year will be cerulean, described as the “color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day” and French blue, a “stirring blue hue that awakens a vision of Paris in the springtime.”

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These two classic blues are easy to incorporate in any backyard via upholstery. Whether you wish to invest in new patio cushions for your seating pieces or have us fabricate replacement cushions for your treasured outdoor furnishings, solid blue cushions, such as the one shown here, instantly brighten up any space.

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If your seating options are limited, you may want to invest in a new piece. This Classico lounger for two includes a deep cushion, shown here in a shade resembling French blue. This might be the perfect piece to add to your outdoor furnishings this year.

Add Autumn-Inspired Contrast

What shades are a perfect contrast to cool blues? Pantone recommends autumn-inspired hues such as marigold, a “golden orange infused yellow”, rust, “an earth-inspired brown emblematic of autumn leaves uncharacteristic of a spring palette” and burnt coral, which is described as inviting and expressive of conviviality.

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These contrasting colors are best used as accents, such as throw pillows, throw blankets or in floral arrangements or plantings. The vases and upholstery in this seating arrangement by Gios is a perfect way to include marigold in your spring outdoor décor.

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The pillows in this Avana seating group add fresh pops of color to your outdoor space and really play up the autumnal tones of rust and burnt coral.

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This fun little seating group is a way to embrace these warm tones in a bigger way.

Back to Nature Greens

Finally, in keeping with the theme of using colors found in nature, green is a natural choice. Pantone suggests next year’s hottest green hues will be green ash, a “mentholated green that cools and soothes, and mint, a refreshing and restorative hue.

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Green is always a welcome shade in any backyard. Since the year’s hottest greens will be on the cool side, this pair of Adirondack chairs really fits the bill.

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Green is also great to add fresh pops of new color to your outdoor space when used against a neutral background, such as the pillows on this luxurious outdoor sectional made for relaxing in style.

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This fun little accent table is another piece perfect for adding cool green tones to your patio, porch or deck.

After all the things that made 2020 a year we do not wish to remember, why not refresh your backyard with new style? Add fresh pops of color to your outdoor space using Pantone’s trending colors and let yourself revel in colorful, refreshed surroundings.

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