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This year, Pantone chose a very easy color as their 2020 Color of the Year to incorporate in our homes, both inside and out: Classic Blue. It is a serene color, not too dark but deep enough to mimic stormy seas and early evening light. Because it is so closely aligned with elements found in nature – especially here in Southern California, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean – it is a natural fit your outdoor space. Here are a few select pieces that we recommend for your luxury backyard oasis in order to bring Classic Blue in as a gorgeous accent to the beauty all around.

Choose Your Blue

While it may not be possible to color match your outdoor furnishings to Pantone’s Classic Blue perfectly, you can get quite close. Look for a clear shade that doesn’t lean too far toward purple or green tones. It is not a sky blue nor the teal blue found in the ocean. You may want to start transforming your outdoor living room with a big pot of blue hydrangeas (make sure the soil is acid to keep the color vibrant). Pick furnishings just a shade or two darker and you’ve likely found a very good facsimile of classic blue.

Add a Bold Seating Piece

For a big impact with a large splash of Classic Blue, opt for a large piece or pieces. Take these lounge chairs, for example. The gorgeous blue cushions are crafted from outdoor fabric that resists mold, mildew and rot from sea spray, rain, wind and sun. Their handsome frames hold the deep seating cushions that invite you to sink into their depths and enjoy the outdoors. Of course, you could also opt for an outdoor sofa or sectional with upholstery in the same hue.

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of a pattern to your classic blue upholstery, either. The cushions on these Belle Isle chairs look fresh and spunky thanks to the dotted pattern.

Then again, who needs cushions for a comfortable chair in Pantone’s Color of the Year? These chairs by Telescope Casual feature frames and caning in just the right color of Classic Blue.

Overhead Blue

Every well-appointed luxury outdoor living room requires at least one shade feature. If you need to replace yours this year, or order a new canopy, why not opt for a market umbrella like this one, beautifully covered in a Classic Blue vented canopy?

Blue in the Details

For a less dramatic but no less lovely way to add Classic Blue to your backyard oasis, opt for using this hue in subtle details, such as throw pillows, rugs, blankets and outdoor artwork.

Why not dress up your fire pit, fire table, fire urn or fire vase? Using colored glass media, such as this Blue Lagoon Reflective Fire Glass adds a subtle glow of blue in the middle of a seating arrangement or along the outer edges of pathways.

An easy way to splash your existing outdoor furnishings with color is by adding pillows and throws. This classically styled seating arrangement benefits from the addition of colorful outdoor pillows. And the best part is that you can change them out next year to coordinate with the new Pantone Color of the Year.

Where could you add Classic Blue in your backyard oasis?

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