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What to Consider When Adding a Terrace to Your Backyard

Have you thought about adding a terrace to your backyard this summer? If so, we’d like to present to you a few things to consider that you may not have previously thought about, such as what you will use this area for and where it should be placed. Read on for additional information about adding a terrace to your backyard – or elsewhere in your outdoor living space.

Terrace Definition

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Let’s start by properly defining a terrace. According to Merriam Webster, a good terrace definition in regard to this article is a “relatively level paved or planted area”, a “colonnaded porch” or a “raised embankment with the top leveled.” You can see that the similarity between these definitions is an outdoor area normally used for planting or enjoying the outdoors. Most commonly, a terrace definition refers to a garden space when used in reference to a home.

Terrace House Locations

Quite often, a terrace is located in the backyard or side yard of a home’s outdoor area. It can be cut into a hillside to make it the perfect spot for planting flowers, trees or vegetables as the ridged system minimizes erosion and is specially designed to conserve irrigation water.

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New York City garden terrace. By Roy Googin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Another option is for a roof terrace. If you live in the city and your backyard area is limited or nonexistent, a roof terrace, here referring to a flat, level planted area, is an excellent place for cultivating plants of any kind. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have fresh vegetables and an herb garden just steps away from the kitchen? In effect, you can have your own terrace restaurant right at home.

These terrace house locations are most common, but you can also assess your home’s yard, either front or back, for appropriate sites that get a good amount of sun but can be sheltered from wind and frost as necessary.

Is Terrace Farming for You?

Raising plants of any kind requires quite a bit of planning, maintenance and upkeep. Just as any other type of gardening, terrace farming is a commitment to cultivating rich soil, keeping the weeds at bay, and practicing companion planting for best results. If you do not enjoy digging into the earth and getting your hands dirty, terrace farming is probably not the best choice for your backyard.

Taking Advantage of the Terrace View

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If you do decide that adding a terrace to your backyard makes sense for you, make sure you position your patio furniture to take advantage of this gorgeous new view. A bistro set on a patio facing the terrace presents a great way to start the day by having your coffee outdoors while viewing the fruits of your labor. A seating arrangement that clusters around an outdoor fire pit in front of the first row of the terrace is another way to take advantage of your new installment. You may also want to check out our recent post about the 5 best outdoor chairs to inspire new seating choices.

When adding a terrace to your backyard, be sure it is positioned in an appropriate location and prepare yourself for the work involved before, after and throughout the growing season.

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