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Space Saving Tips for a Compact Backyard Oasis

Not all of us are blessed with a large outdoor living area. Some of us have compressed spaces in which to enjoy the outdoors – whether that is a rooftop terrace or a small patch of grass – with no room for anything that does not count in terms of comfort, functionality and aesthetic value. If you are struggling to furnish a compact backyard oasis, use these tips to ensure it is just as luxurious as a larger porch, patio, or deck.

Folding Chairs for Extra Seating

Wooden sling chair luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

While it is nice to have enough chairs to seat any guests who come over to your pad, having a large number of outdoor chairs or chaises out every day is not the wisest choice. Folding chairs to the rescue, such as this Topaz folding sling chair! Keep a stash of them on hand for entertaining and when they are not in use, simply fold them up and stack in a corner – inside your home or out.

Barlow tyrie safari folding table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Bonus points for including a folding table that is easily whisked out for al fresco dining in a flash. This Safari rectangular folding table is the ideal size for a compact backyard oasis.

Compact Dining with a Bistro Set

Tommy bahama outdoor living misty garden bistro table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Perfect for a front porch or a petite patio, a bistro set adds stylish flair to any space. It provides an intimate seating area for morning coffee or evening cocktails in a small footprint. This Misty Garden High Low Bistro Table with matching barstools from Tommy Bahama Outdoors certainly fits the bill. Its French botanical style can be paired with your choice of deep seating upholstery fabric.

Dual Use Furnishings

Wicker storage bench luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Any piece of outdoor furniture that does double duty is a great addition to a compact backyard oasis. A case in point is this storage bench. It comfortably seats two people but also opens up to reveal a large space for storing things like gardening supplies, throws and pillows for chilly nights or other outdoor tools and accessories.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

An ottoman, such as this Monterrey model, is another multi-functional outdoor furnishing. It can be an extra seat or a table, as needed. Place a tray on top and it easily holds a beverage station or an array of snacks.

Keep It Warm and Cozy

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Just because you have a compact backyard oasis does not mean there is no room for a warm and cozy fire feature. But rather than opting for a traditional fire pit, consider a piece with a smaller footprint, such as a fire bowl or fire urn. This Eclipse fire urn tucks neatly into a corner to provide a romantic glow and just enough heat welcome on a chilly night.

Made in the Shade

Green outdoor umbrella from hausers patio luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

On those days when you need relief from the sun, an outdoor umbrella of 6’ in diameter should be just the right size for your compact backyard oasis. Case in point: this Portofino II Hexagon umbrella from Tropitone. Because it does not need to cover a large amount of space, this model is a perfect fit and comes in your choice of fabric to tie the various colors in your outdoor living space together.

If you have a compact backyard oasis, there is no need to settle for anything less than the best in terms of comfort and style. Just scale the pieces down and ensure they are functional for best results.

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