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In today’s marketplace, we know that not everything being sold is as advertised. This is especially true when items bear the name of an iconic manufacturer. Such is the case with Brown Jordan luxury outdoor furniture. Well known for its superior quality and timeless design, outdoor seating, tables, and accessories made by Brown Jordan are often replicated but never duplicated. In this article, we discuss how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture to ensure you are getting the real deal.

The One and Only Brown Jordan

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

When you want to know how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture, you might begin by visiting Brown Jordan com and browsing through the website. And that’s a great place to become familiar with the gorgeous designs and unique collections found only at Brown Jordan, a company that is grounded in providing every family access to the Good Life. According to Brown Jordan, their definition of the Good Life is characterized by love, grace, connection, celebration, family, and community. Their goal is to provide the luxury outdoor furnishings you need to create a space where friends are welcome and family is expected to drop by, relax in comfortable seating and join you for food, drinks, and entertainment. They invite you to open your heart and your space to neighbors and create memorable moments.

Where to Buy Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture

Brown jordan connexion collection luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Be sure that you search for the real Brown Jordan. Many consumers make the mistake of mixing up the name and calling it such terms as Brown and Jordan, Jordan Brown, and other such variations. One way that you can rest assured you are getting the real thing is by shopping at an authorized retailer. When you are asking the question of where to buy Brown Jordan outdoor furniture, you will find Hauser’s Patio is your Brown Jordan connection in the Southern California area and we never carry anything but the best quality outdoor furnishings.

Brown Jordan Patio Furniture Style

Finally, there is one last way to ensure that you know how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture and that is by studying the elegant design and transitional style of this iconic company. While they are always developing new collections, you can count on the timeless classics such as Wave, Connexion, Drift, Flex, Fremont Sling, Luna, Parkway, Wave, Kantan and Calcutta.

Kantan brass by brown jordan seating arrangements online luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Kantan Brass by Brown Jordan

Some of the more popular styles include the Kantan Brown Jordan table and chairs. Perfect for a front porch or poolside on a deck, this gorgeous design crafted from brass and Suncloth straps features a sensuous sculptural form. In fact, this collection dates back to 1956 and is just as popular now as it was mid-century.

Connexion sectional seating group luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Connexion sectional seating group is actually connected.

Another perennially popular collection is Connexion by Brown Jordan. These pieces, which include love seats, chairs, chaises, and corner seating along with Brown Jordan patio tables, are all meant to connect with each other in the configuration that best suits your space. The frames are powder-coated aluminum and upholstered with Versatex mesh for ultimate durability and comfort.

If you have ever wondered how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture and find the high-quality pieces that are perfect for your luxury backyard, we invite you to browse through our extensive collection and find exactly what you need and want online.

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