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Outdoor Furniture Best for a Small Deck Part I

Just because you only have a small deck to work with does not mean you can’t turn this space into a backyard oasis. By giving some thought to layout and choosing pieces that are the right scale, this area is sure to become a popular place to relax and unwind. Here are a few suggestions for outdoor furniture best for a small deck – or any backyard space of intimate proportions.

What Do You Most Enjoy Doing Outdoors?

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Because a small deck is so limited in space, it’s best to first determine what you most enjoy doing outdoors. Is it dining? Entertaining? Just kicking back with a good book and a cold beverage? Your answer will help you decide on the key pieces you should include. You may not have enough room for a dining set and conversation seating so prioritize based on how you will use the space.

Outdoor Furniture for Entertaining

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If entertaining is your favorite activity, outdoor furniture best for a small deck should include a propane fire pit table. This versatile piece of furniture can function as a place to stay toasty on a chilly night and doubles as a dining table. With lots of cool accessories, such as a grill rack or kebab holders, a propane fire pit table will become the centerpiece of all your entertaining needs.

Bistro backless barstool luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Make the table counter height and surround it with barstools. To save space, choose stools without arms so you can stack the extras out of the way when not in use. Backless barstools, such as the Casa Bistro model made by O.W. Lee pictured above, can also double as side tables when necessary.

Conversational Groupings for Small Decks

Jensen nest side table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
When designing a seating arrangement like this, consider flow of movement to ensure your guests can easily get in and out.

If you prefer a casual conversational grouping for your small deck, look for small-scale pieces that won’t overtake the limited space available. For instance, instead of an outdoor sofa, a loveseat and pair of chairs, like the Nest grouping shown here, is a better choice. The two petite coffee tables in the middle of the arrangement can be separated to better accommodate your guests, if necessary. And the sloping, woven blue and gray Viro Fiber backs allow plenty of light to show through – a plus when decorating a small deck as it visually opens the space.

Furniture Arranging for a Small Deck

Although you may want to make your space as functional as possible, outdoor furniture best for a small deck should be limited in number. Adding too many pieces will make your modest space look even smaller. Do feel free, however, to finish it off with items such as hanging plants, cozy throws for cool evenings, and plush pillows.

Grand terrace chairs and umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Symmetrical seating is another good idea. This makes your small deck look longer as it draws the eye to symmetrical chairs on either side of a central piece. It also encourages conversation by seating people directly across from each other. This concept is illustrated by the pair of Grand Terrace cushion swivel balcony stools on either side of a petite umbrella, as shown above. Just be sure that the pieces you use are of appropriate scale and the traffic pattern allows people to easily move around them.

These ideas for outdoor furniture best for a small deck should get you thinking of ways to transform your backyard retreat. Stay tuned for the second part of this series coming soon.

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