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Make Plans for the Perfect Outdoor Living Room

How long has it been since you’ve taken a good, long look at your backyard oasis and found ways to make it more comfortable, more efficient and more livable? With the advent of the new year, now is an ideal time to perfect your perfect outdoor living room. Try these tips for enhancing the outdoor space you have.

The Right Furniture in the Right Place

outdoor seating group around infratech heater

You will never truly relax in your perfect outdoor living room unless you have the right furniture arranged in the proper places. Think about where you spend the most amount of time. If it’s poolside, then a set of chaise lounges on the pool deck is perfect. If you prefer to bask in the warmth of a fireplace or fire pit, then plush armchairs, which can be moved to take best advantage of the flames, are appropriate. Wooden benches placed in the garden allow you to enjoy the sight and smell of your favorite blooms. On a covered back patio, a sprawling sectional sofa allows a maximal number of people to enjoy the outdoors.

Look Down

Many people don’t consider the “floor” part of their perfect outdoor living room. Outside of pavers, concrete and pebbles, you may also want to scatter throw rugs to make the ground more comfortable for your feet. Rugs are the ultimate in low maintenance outdoor flooring and are easily replaced when they are worn or faded.

Outdoor Dining Room

outdoor dining table and chairs

Design your perfect outdoor living room for more than just relaxing, gardening or swimming. A dining area is a must-have, especially if you enjoy entertaining. Be sure the area is covered by an overhang or shade structure. Choose the type of outdoor dining set you prefer, anything from the classic wooden picnic table to a full-sized dining table plus chairs. You may also want a small bistro set outside the doors to your patio for a convenient place to enjoy your morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail.

A hot trend this year is to open your kitchen and dining area to the outdoors, creating a seamless transition between indoors and out. In this case, a smaller dining set or a grouping of pub height table and barstools would be appropriate.

Focus on the Garden

A cozy little nook nestled in amongst the flora of your outdoor garden is a welcome respite from the stress of the day. While wooden or concrete benches are the traditional choice to place along a garden pathway, they are not the most comfortable of seats. Mix things by up by placing a deeply cushioned rocker or glider along with a handy end table near a particularly pretty setting. Add an ottoman for your feet and a colorful shade covering for ultimate relaxation.

Take Cues from Resort Design

Barlow Tyrie outdoor sofa and chairs

Who knows how best to make people feel comfy, cozy and pampered but high-end resort personnel? Next time you take a vacation, take note of how they group seating pieces and where they put things like fire pits, standing propane heaters, greenery, lighting and even artwork. Take lots of pictures so you can emulate the same effect at home in your backyard oasis.

The perfect outdoor living room is yours to be had with a bit of forethought, planning and a nod to what makes you feel most at ease.

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