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Do you have a lanai attached to your home? Is this a project you have been considering? If you are looking for fresh ways to decorate this outdoor space, we have several suggestions. Read on to find out how a lanai is different from a porch or patio and the special considerations for its furnishings and use.

Is There a Difference Between a Porch and a Lanai?

The term lanai comes to us from the Hawaiian language and is traditionally used in a tropical setting. For instance, many homes in Florida are advertised as including a lanai. Although the term is rarely used here, a lanai fits right in with the beautiful weather here in southern California.

Many people use the term lanai to refer to any established outdoor area for lounging, however a standard lanai porch definition is “an open-sided porch or veranda (or a combination of both) with a roof.” Conversely a patio is always on the ground floor of a home’s exterior and a porch is typically located on the front of the house at the top of stairs leading to the front door.

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By Calbear22 at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

For lanai porch images that make it easier to understand the concept, please see the example above.

Adding a Lanai Porch to Your Home

If you have been considering a project of this sort for your home, first gets bids for the lanai porch cost from several reputable contractors. This will give you a good idea of your budget needs for the initial construction. Remember, that a lanai will add to the value of your home, so it is a good investment.

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A pool view is great but an ocean view is even better!

You will also need to figure out the best location. We suggest placing it with regard to the best views of your backyard oasis. In fact, for many homeowners a lanai porch with pool views is the ideal way to situate it. Conversely, you could also place a lanai along the side of your house if that is the best fit.

Lanai Porch Furnishing Ideas

Bel Air cushion lounge chair Hausers Patio

After your lanai porch has been built, the fun part begins: furnishing it. Of course, your lanai should always start with lots of deeply cushioned, comfortable seating pieces. You may want to consider it as an outdoor living room and add a coffee table, an occasional table or two, lots of throw pillows and even lighting and artwork. The Bel Air outdoor seating set pictured above shows a great example of a lanai porch with pool views as mentioned previously.

Tommy Bahama royal island lanai dining set Hausers Patio
Tommy Bahama royal island lanai dining set

A tropical vibe is a great idea when it comes to style, and our southern California climate makes this an easy sell. Always a favorite, this Tommy Bahama Royal Island Lanai dining set is a perfect addition to your new lounging space. Note how the palm-leaf shape of the ceiling fan blades blends perfectly with the palm trees surrounding the area.

southampton deep seating Hausers Patio

Rattan is another excellent style option for your lanai porch. Shown here is a Southampton deep seating set with matching ottoman and a coffee table wide enough to accommodate everyone. The deep cushions make this set very comfortable, and the crisp blue and white upholstery (also available in plenty of other colors and patterns) looks right at home in a seaside venue.

We hope these lanai porch ideas will inspire you to add this iconic outdoor lounging area and furnish it to look like a resort right in your backyard.

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