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How to Shop for Commercial Outdoor Furniture Part I

When it comes to furnishing the outdoor space of your business, there are lots of style, size, and comfort options. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming. With that in mind here are a few tips on how to shop for commercial outdoor furniture that will get you on the right track – part one of a two-part series on making the best investment in furnishings for your business.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Style

hausers patio
These commercial grade outdoor umbrellas are made with a durable aluminum frame.

Let’s start with one of the easier decisions to make: the style of your outdoor furnishings. Whether your business hasn’t yet opened or it is firmly established, no doubt you have an overall aesthetic in mind. Is your space contemporary or is your company located in a historical building? Do you enjoy a mid-century modern vibe, perhaps industrial chic or does your space tend toward the kitschy and unique? No matter the design of your business building, the outdoor area should mirror it in terms of style.

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Color is another concept that goes along with style. Muted neutrals are often used in outdoor areas of contemporary design but you could also go completely opposite of that trend by incorporating some cool, modern pieces in bright hues, such as this dazzling orange Radius Round Tea Table. For a more traditional space, opt for rich hues such as burgundy, forest green and navy blue. If a tropical vibe is what you are aiming for, take a cue from nature and use blue, green, red, orange, and yellow hues to play up that feel.

Size Matters

hausers patio
This Elements Outdoor Sofa offers clean lines that do not interrupt the view but accommodates several adults comfortably.

Just because you are going to shop for commercial outdoor furniture doesn’t mean all the pieces you select need to be large. Although seating pieces such as sectionals or sofas should be substantial and able to accommodate at least three people, you may want to opt for smaller dining sets with two or four chairs so your outdoor space is used to its maximum capacity. Large coffee tables are good at holding lots of drinks and perhaps decorative plants, but smaller occasional tables are much easier to rearrange and provide personal space next to a comfy lounger.

Outdoor furniture covers hausers patio
An outdoor umbrella cover and outdoor furniture covers will keep your furnishings clean and protected.

While large and bulky helps outdoor furnishings stay in place on a windy or stormy day, they are difficult to move and relocate. The big size also makes it hard to store these pieces. One solution is to invest in good quality outdoor furniture covers so your investment won’t be ruined by adverse weather conditions when storage space is unavailable.

Comfort Counts

hausers patio

Don’t forget about comfort when you go to shop for commercial outdoor furniture. If you want your guests or customers to sit and stay for a while, you will want to ensure that outdoor seating pieces are deeply cushioned, with armrests and perhaps a set of throw pillows for the ultimate in relaxation.

hausers patio
Smaller dining sets allow you to seat more groups and are a great use of commercial outdoor space.

However, some businesses, such as busy restaurants with limited patio seating, may need to turn over tables more quickly. If you do not want your customers to linger over coffee and dessert, opt for metal chairs. Another bonus to selecting a hard surface such as aluminum is that it is very easy to clean and disinfect without damaging the material.

Are you ready to shop for commercial outdoor furniture now? You may want to wait until the second installment of this topic is ready so you are armed with all the information you need to make a wise investment in your business.

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