Shopping Tips for Commercial Outdoor Furniture Part II

Lounge chairs by pool in San Diego, CA

Are you a business owner with a need to furnish an outdoor eating or entertaining area? In the first installment of this two-part series on shopping for commercial outdoor furniture, we reviewed the various styles available, and how that goes along with color and size and how to pick the most comfortable options for your […]

Most Popular Outdoor Commercial Pieces Part II

Patio table and chairs in San Diego, CA

Shopping for outdoor furniture that can stand up to lots of use and plenty of weather conditions? In our two-part series of the most popular outdoor commercial pieces you can purchase for your business, we bring you dining tables, sofas, loungers and shade umbrellas. Read on for the information you need and if you missed […]

How to Shop for Commercial Outdoor Furniture Part I

When it comes to furnishing the outdoor space of your business, there are lots of style, size, and comfort options. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming. With that in mind here are a few tips on how to shop for commercial outdoor furniture that will get you on the right track – part one […]

Popular Outdoor Pieces for Businesses Part I

Do you have a business with outdoor space for your clientele? Then you know there are certain pieces that are de rigeur to ensure your customers have a comfortable and easy-to-clean space where they can relax and enjoy your offerings. Here we highlight some of the most popular outdoor pieces for businesses in the San […]

Best Materials for Commercial Outdoor Furnishings

arzo woven sub collection

If you have a business that uses outdoor furniture, you need to be well-informed of your options before going shopping for suitable pieces. In this article, we review one of the major factors in your purchase: the best materials for commercial outdoor furnishings. There are plenty of options, as you will note, so be sure […]

Hauser’s Patio is Your One Stop Shop for Commercial Patio Furniture

Did you know? While Hauser’s Patio is well known for a large array of high-quality, customizable patio furniture for the home, we also have a large client base of business customers who rely on us to furnish their outdoor space. If you are a business owner with patio dining, poolside lounging or outside seating, we […]