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Fall Maintenance Checklist: Cleaning Patio Furniture

Now that it is officially autumn, it is time to think about preparations for the colder weather to come. Before you put away your outdoor furnishings, be sure they are in good repair and ready to store. One way you can ensure that your pieces will look just as great next spring is by cleaning patio furniture before it is covered or stored. Tackle this part of your fall maintenance checklist with these tips.

Cleaning Patio Furniture

Hose pressure wand by hauser luxury outdoor living by hausers patio's Patio
This hose pressure wand from Hauser’s Patio would work great for cleaning a patio umbrella.

The first step for cleaning deck furniture is a good rinse with a strong spray of water from the hose. This alone will rinse away any dust buildup and loosen deep-seated dirt.

Stiff cleaning brush luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Next up is a more thorough cleansing with a mild cleaning solution dissolved in a bucket of warm water. For safe and effective cleaning patio furniture, try Hauser’s Patio proprietary furniture and fabric cleaner specially formulated to remove tough stains, grease marks and grime. Use a soft bristled brush (not a stiff brush or abrasive sponge) dipped into the cleaning mixture to get into cracks and crevices.

How to clean powder coated aluminum patio furniture? By using the method above and then finishing with a good, strong rinse of clean water. The same method also works for cleaning cast aluminum patio furniture.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

How to clean patio cushions that don’t come off? Be sure to vacuum away the surface dirt, then spray with water. For stains, mildew, or grease marks, apply a small bit of cleaner and let it sit for a couple minutes. Use a clean, soft cloth to blot it dry. You may have to repeat this process several times for tough stains. Be sure all cleaner residue is wiped away or rinsed well, then set the piece out in the sun to dry thoroughly.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Cleaning a patio umbrella can be a bit trickier, depending on the style you have. Refer to this article which goes into how to clean outdoor umbrella mold in depth. It may take a bit of elbow grease, but the result of a clean patio umbrella will be well worth the investment.

Patio Furniture Storage Tips

After cleaning patio furniture be sure to drain any water and ensure that each piece is completely dry. You may want to apply a coat of Hauser’s Patio furniture protectant for even further protection.

If you have outdoor chairs that stack, place them together to make it easier to cover them or store them in a shed. For best results, always keep your patio furniture upright. This will prevent cushions and umbrellas from being misshapen when you bring them back out of storage in the spring.

Outdoor furniture covers luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
An outdoor umbrella cover and outdoor furniture covers will keep your furnishings clean and protected.

If you do not have space dedicated to outdoor furniture storage, it is always a good idea to invest in top quality patio furniture covers with wind vents. This helps your furnishings withstand strong winds and keep the cover from blowing off. Be sure that there is a way for rainwater to drain out and not accumulate on or underneath the cover.

Your fall maintenance checklist should always include cleaning patio furniture. This is the best way to make it last longer while retaining its good looks.

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