How to Clean a Patio Umbrella

Luxury outdoor umbrellas should last a long time in your backyard oasis. But for your umbrella to maintain its durability and continue to look good, it does require some maintenance. Chances are your shade feature has been beaten by the sun, whipped by the wind, and subject to dirt from bird droppings, tree sap and […]

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Care Kit by Hauser's Patio

Spring is finally here and that signals the start of spring cleaning. Not only should you take the opportunity to fling open the windows and attend to each room indoors from top to bottom, but you should also do the same in your outdoor space. This is the perfect time to inspect and examine each […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Patio Cushions

Patio Furniture Cleaner

What can make your luxury backyard oasis look old and dingy? Dirty patio cushions. If you are not quite ready to replace the cushions on your outdoor furniture, it is important to take steps to get the existing cushions clean by removing dirt, dust, stains, mold and mildew. Here is the ultimate guide to cleaning […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Backyard Oasis Part 2

outdoor water hose

In continuing with our theme of spring cleaning this month, we’ve got more valuable tips to help you get your outdoor living room ready for entertaining and relaxation this summer.  These tips for cleaning your backyard oasis involve items such as the siding on your house, wrought iron furniture, and outdoor furnishings that are textured […]

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Projects for Your Backyard Living Room

Barlow Tyrie outdoor sofa and chairs

The concept of spring cleaning applies to more than just the inside of your home. How about undertaking some outdoor spring cleaning projects that will get your backyard living room ready for lots of fun this summer? Here are our suggestions for spruce-ups that will bring your backyard oasis back to life. Start With a […]

Clean and Refresh Your Patio Furniture for Spring

Patio Renaissance Huntington

As the seasons change, it’s time to take go outside and take a good, long look at your outdoor patio furniture and assess its condition. Yes, it’s time to clean, refresh and restore the furnishings in your backyard oasis so you can plan lots of fun festivities without worry. We offer several tips for bringing […]