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Everything You Want to Know about a Fire Pit Table

Have you ever wanted to combine comfort with entertainment in your luxury backyard oasis? Then adding a fire feature with the ability to cook food and be a stable place to set a beverage might be just the thing your patio is missing. If you want to learn more about the types and styles of a fire pit table, then this article is for you.

Types of Fire Pit Tables

At their most basic, fire pit tables are simply fire pits with a surrounding table. This makes it convenient for dining or just relaxing with a beverage, particularly on a crisp, chilly evening.

Chat height fire pit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This chat height fire pit table has a contemporary design and small footprint.

A fire pit table can be set up with your choice of fuel source. For most consumers who buy a fire pit table, propane is the preferred fuel due to its ready availability and clean burn. The propane tank is usually hidden within the base of the table, but this can make the profile clunky as the base needs to cover it up. If your home has a natural gas connection, you could also opt to hard wire it into the system. This is a cleaner look as the connection can often be hidden by running it underground. For additional information on the various types of fire features, read our article here.

Fire Pit Tables Sizes and Shapes

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The most common fire pit table centers around the fire feature itself, with a narrow fire pit table top that cannot accommodate much more than a glass and a small plate. However, there are plenty of models that are meant to take the place of an outdoor dining table, such as the rectangular table by Telescope Casual shown here with the fire pit cover closed. Its handy size easily seats six or more. There are also models which allow you to add accessories that make it convenient to cook dinner right there on the fire in the middle of the table.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

For many of our customers, a fire pit table round in shape is their preference, like that shown above, also by Castelle. It features a classic style and a low profile, ideal if you do not want it to interfere with the fantastic view from your patio or deck.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Of course, there are plenty of other options, too. Not all fire pit tables are meant for dining. There are many that function as outdoor coffee tables. Square and rectangular shapes are always popular, but you could also opt for a unique shape such as the Calais Oval Firetable pictured above.

The Table Alone or a Set?

Aura teak fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

While a fire pit table on its own is a lovely feature to add to your backyard, many homeowners prefer to have a matching set of outdoor furniture. The fire pit table and chairs seen above includes a set of four comfortable swivel lounge chairs and an Aura fire table all finished in heathered smoke. A fire pit table set can be difficult to find, especially when shopping at retailers that only specialize in fire features. If you are looking for matching pieces, an outdoor furniture retailer such as Hauser’s Patio is always your best bet, and we try to keep all the latest styles in stock or available for quick order.

The next addition to your outdoor oasis could be a fire pit table, whether you prefer propane or gas, square or round, a dining or coffee table. We invite you to browse through our selection of fire tables and fire pit table and chair sets to find the one that will be perfect in your space.

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