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When it comes to adding warmth, ambience and mesmerizing flames to your luxury outdoor living space, you have plenty of options. If a standard fire pit or fireplace simply doesn’t fit your sense of style, check out these contemporary and stylistic options of fire tables, fire bowls, firefalls or fire urns.

About Fire Tables

fire table Hausers Patio

Fire tables are just exactly what you would expect: a standard outdoor table, but with the added bonus of a gas fire bowl in the middle. They come in various heights for dining, sitting, standing or for use as coffee tables or occasional tables. These fire tables are crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete. Each one features a hidden space in the middle to hold a five-gallon propane tank, although they can also be ordered for use with natural gas. You can also add accessories, such as a clear wind guard, and choose from various types of fire media to enhance the contemporary look.

About Fire Bowls

fire bowl Hausers Patio

It’s a simple design concept: take a large bowl of glass fiber reinforced concrete with an opening through the middle to add gas-fueled flames. But the variety of styles, colors and sizes available is anything except simple. The beauty of a fire bowl is that it can be placed just about anywhere – from sitting atop a table to becoming part of the groundscaping. Choose to elevate it with a pedestal, if desired. For an even more dramatic effect, combine a fire bowl with a water spout for running water that meets dancing flames for a real “wow” effect. A fire bowl is a perfect, warm addition to even the smallest of backyard spaces.

About Firefalls

outdoor firefall fireplace Hausers Patio

For a truly dramatic way to provide realistic flames, ambient warmth and a touch of pure style to your luxury outdoor living space, consider a firefall. Although the basic structure is much like an outdoor fireplace, firefalls more resemble a waterfall. The difference is that dancing flames along the bottom highlight the water cascading over the backdrop of the piece. That backdrop can be quite artistic, featuring artisan glass tiles and LED light strips to further enhance the gorgeous effect of water meeting flame. Choose from traditional fire media, such as realistic logs, or opt for modern stones or fireglass.

About Fire Urns

fire urns Hausers Patio

Finally, fire urns are yet another option for a backyard that would benefit from a touch of warmth and style. Much like a fire bowl, fire urns are standalone objects with a space in the middle for a gas-fueled fire pit. Fire urns are available in a wide selection of sizes, heights, styles and colors – everything from classical Greek to transitional shapes to contemporary styles. Place a handful of fire urns around your luxury outdoor living space for maximum effect, and maximum comfort, even on the coldest  San Diego nights.

If you’ve only considered outdoor fireplaces for your backyard, deck or patio, then perhaps it is time to think outside the box. We invite you to take a look at our fire tables, fire bowls, firefalls and fire urns for a stylish twist.

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