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If you are a fan of Tik Tok, chances are that by now you have heard of the viral decorating and style trend called coastal grandma. Also referred to as coastal grandmother, it evokes a vibe that blends in perfectly with our Southern California lifestyle. Here is more about coastal grandma style and how you can take a few key elements to use in your own backyard oasis.

About Coastal Grandma Style

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Most people bring up a couple examples of the epitome of coastal grandma style: Diane Keaton in the movie Something’s Gotta Give and Jane Fonda in the Netflix show Grace and Frankie. There are plenty of beachy vibes going on with an emphasis on comfort and a sense of well thought out but effortless style. Picture a straw hat flung across the back of a sofa, cotton blankets in cool blues and whites, chilled glasses of red wine and lots of rattan and wicker. The aesthetic is timeless and classic, easy and breezy – in other words perfect for San Diego living even if your home does not have a view of the ocean.

Taking the Coastal Grandma Look Outside

Coastal grandma style can refer to clothing choices and indoor décor, but the principles can also be applied to outdoor living space. To get started, think about the overall look of your backyard and ways to incorporate a bit of luxury in a laid-back atmosphere. Peace and comfort are the main goals for your outdoor space. It should resemble a nature retreat where you want to take off your chunky sweater and prop up your boat shoes on an ottoman covered in linen upholstery.

Toss Pillows Are a Great Place to Start

Tommy Bahama wicker storage ottoman Hausers Patio
This storage ottoman from Tommy Bahamas Outdoor is a great place to prop your feet and also store blankets and pillows.

If you wish to start small and dip a toe in the water before committing fully to coastal grandma style, try adding lots of toss pillows that layer patterns and textures into the seating pieces you already own. Cozy and textural fabrics in neutral hues are just the ticket. The pillows, blankets and tote shown in this Tommy Bahamas Outdoor storage ottoman are a perfect representation.

Wicker Seating is a Must

Marimba peacock chair Hausers Patio
Marimba peacock chair

No coastal grandma styled outdoor space would be complete without a touch of wicker. We suggest going back to the tried and true with this classic peacock chair. Instead of the bright red upholstery, opt for fabric in a sand or straw-colored tone. This gorgeous chair also lends a bit of sculptural interest to your backyard oasis.

one of 5 best outdoor chairs Hausers Patio

Another great option for wicker seating is this Southampton rocker. The crisp white upholstery with navy stripes is an excellent choice for the cushions. The rocker is comfortable and definitely evokes a casual yet sophisticated grandma vibe.

A Place for Cocktails

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Yes, coastal grandmas like their cocktails and their red wine on ice. Create the perfect place to enjoy a cosmo or sangria with this set of Richmond table and counter height chairs. The rattan and wood combination is classic and elegant yet still conforms to the easy, breezy, laid back atmosphere that coastal grandma style embraces.

If coastal grandma style is one you would like to introduce in your backyard, we invite you to browse through the array of outdoor furnishings available here on our website and in our expansive showroom to find the pieces perfect for your backyard oasis.

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