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Ah…with spring here and summer just on the horizon, that means it is time for the entire family to head outdoors and enjoy the magnificent weather while it lasts. And what better activity to indulge in than lounging? Whether it’s at the end of a hard day at work or a planned weekend of relaxing at home, your backyard oasis needs furnishings to make it a completely comfortable and usable space. Try these best patio furniture lounge ideas so you are ready for some well-deserved downtime.

What Defines an Outdoor Lounge?

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While there isn’t really a strict definition of an outdoor lounge, it should comply with some basic rules. Those include plenty of comfortable seating pieces, a cozy arrangement, the availability of a shade for those days when you don’t want full sun, occasional tables that make it easy to sprawl out anywhere with a drink and a book and a bit of privacy to keep your relaxation time away from the prying eyes of neighbors. Let’s look at each of those features separately.

Patio Furniture Lounge Seating

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This is the all-important, number one consideration when designing an outdoor lounge area. Without the best patio furniture lounge ideas such as deeply cushioned chairs and/or sofas, the space is merely a place to sit. While armchairs and sofas are always a good bet, don’t forget about outdoor lounge chairs that lay flat or even an armless outdoor chaise lounge that can easily be moved from poolside to conversation seating area.

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This back yard shows two different zones – one for your lounging and one for dining.

And while deep cushions are often the preference for soft and comfortable support, webbed, woven, or sling chaise lounges may feel even better after you’ve just gotten out of the pool. The Telescope chaise lounge chairs pictured above are made from a woven material that wicks away moisture, but you can also add some plush outdoor pillows to make them even more comfortable after you’ve dried off.

Shade and Privacy Features

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An adjustable, tiltable outdoor umbrella is the most common way to provide a bit of shade for a lounge area. But it’s not the only choice. Pictured above is a deeply cushioned Mandalay sofa in a seating arrangement that resides beneath a gazebo made from classic columns and billowing white drapes. These can be fully opened or closed, depending on the weather and your mood. Hedges and trees along the perimeter ensure privacy even when the drapes are pulled back.

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This Mia woven lounger with cover is the perfect place to snuggle and stay out of the sun.

For a more intimate experience, try a double lounger cushion seat topped with a retractable canopy such as the Evo Mia Woven Lounger with Shade pictured above. Cozy yet practical, this is a seat sure to be most popular in your outdoor lounge. This is one of the best patio furniture lounge ideas and it can be ordered without the ottoman if you want to use it as a loveseat instead of a lounger.

Enough Space to Put Your Stuff

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Finally, no backyard oasis would be complete without lots of end tables or ottomans to hold all your accessories, dishes, flowering plants, outdoor lights, etc. A fire pit table is also a great choice since it provides heat in addition to a tabletop surface for drinks and plates. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one table between each pair of seats.

Gloster 8404A Bells 155 Round Side Table wIce Bucket Insert with Aqua Finish Hausers Patio
Gloster 8404A Bells 15.5″ Round Side Table w/Ice Bucket Insert with Aqua Finish

One of the best patio furniture lounge ideas we’ve seen is this mushroom occasional table by Gloster. This one even has a built-in ice bucket for keeping your drinks cold and handy. No party would be complete without these great pieces.

Look no further than Hauser’s Patio when you are seeking the best patio furniture lounge ideas. We’ve got all this and more at either one of our expansive showrooms, or simply shop online from the comfort of your own home to furnish your outdoor space comfortably.

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