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Not every homeowner is blessed with a large amount of outdoor space to design. However, a limited area comes with several drawbacks that make it harder to decorate. In our first article in this series, we looked at adding outdoor furniture that serves a purpose, especially entertaining and visiting with guests. In this second installment, we examine the best outdoor furniture for narrow decks to maximize the space available.

Special Storage

When you are dealing with a small, narrow deck, it does not mean you have fewer items to worry about, you just have less space to store them. That is why multi-functional pieces that provide small deck storage are so important.

narrow console table Hausers Patio

One of our favorite picks for narrow deck storage is a console table, such as the Opal console table by Jensen Leisure pictured above. It does double duty by storing items like cups and serving dishes on the bottom shelf but also functioning as a buffet table for food and beverages on the tabletop. Its slim design is sure to fit perfectly on any narrow space, be it a deck, porch or patio.

wicker storage bench Hausers Patio

Another functional item that may be a good fit on your narrow deck is this wicker storage bench made by Patio Renaissance. It provides a great place to stow pillows and small items but also provides an extra seat. The full-length cushion on top ensures this piece is as comfortable as it stylish and functional.

What Furniture is Needed?

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One thing to consider when looking for the best outdoor furniture for narrow decks is how many pieces are actually necessary. You will always want a place to sit and somewhere to set a drink or a book so those are essential. If space is really at a premium, consider hanging furniture, such as this Patio Renaissance wicker swing, which frees up square footage.

Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living Misty Garden bistro table Hausers Patio

The best outdoor furniture for narrow decks is slim, such as the Tommy Bahama bistro table and chairs shown above, which allows maximum space for traffic. The open design of the chairs, too, are the best style of furniture for narrow decks as they allow plenty of light to pass through and make the space look larger and more airy.

Best Outdoor Fabric Choices

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The type of upholstery fabric you choose for your small deck is also important. If your deck is not covered or it is open on all sides to the elements, you will want to be sure and select a sturdy and durable outdoor fabric like Sunbrella for best results. Water resistant is good but waterproof may be better depending on how much your deck is exposed to rain.

Choose from polyester, vinyl or acrylic. While vinyl is reasonably priced, it is not comfortable. Solution dyed acrylic and polyester, as opposed to printed fabric, are the best choices for pillows and cushions that are less likely to fade. Sunbrella cushions are always our number one recommendation as they have been developed specially to combat the adverse effects of sun, rain and dirt.

When it comes to the best outdoor furniture for narrow decks, look for slim and airy designs, be sure to add as much storage and functionality as possible and opt for high quality upholstery fabrics to add a touch of color and beauty.

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