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If you prefer wood furniture in your backyard oasis, chances are you have considered teak. This southeast Asian wood is perennially popular thanks to its durable quality and richly toned good looks. Here is what you need to know about outdoor teak furniture and how it fits into your home’s outdoor living room.

About Teak Wood

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By Krish Dulal – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Teak trees are native to Myanmar, India, Thailand and Malay. They are also farmed in Java and the Philippine Islands. They often grow to about 100 feet tall but can grow even taller. They have been used for centuries to build structures, furniture, and to fashion tools. Over time, teak became the preferred wood for shipbuilding because it is so durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. This beautiful wood is also resistant to many insects which cause damage to other trees.

Let’s look at additional reasons why so many people prefer outdoor teak furniture.

Insider Tip: Beware of buying teak furniture made from wood such as African teak or African oak, neither of which are true hardwoods of the teak family but are often substituted due to high demand for the real thing.

Outdoor Teak Furniture is Durable

Aura teak fire table Hausers Patio
This Aura fire table is crafted from teak, which is known for its superior qualities to hold up in any weather.

Teak is a hardwood and as such, it is quite durable and long-lasting thanks to its tight grain, flexible strength and oil content. If you are looking for furnishings for your backyard oasis, those made of teak are sure to easily withstand the forces of nature such as intense sun, sea spray, wind and rain. After all, teak has long been used to build ships so it can surely stand up to even the worst environmental conditions it is exposed to in your backyard.

Outdoor Teak Furniture is Easy Care

Lloyd Flankers Wildwood teak Hausers Patio
These seating pieces from the Wildwood collection by Lloyd Flanders show off the beauty of teak and how well it can be incorporated in your luxury backyard oasis.

Because of its durable qualities, there is little care required for your outdoor furnishings crafted from teak wood. It starts out with a golden tone to the grain and over time gradually acquires a silvery patina from sun exposure. If you prefer to keep the golden hue of the wood, be sure to use a sealing product annually and place the pieces where they will not be exposed to the sun’s rays. And that’s really all you need to do to keep your outdoor teak furniture looking great other than an occasional spray of water to remove dust and dirt.

Insider Tip: Purchase all your teak pieces at the same time and keep them all covered or exposed so that they weather to the same color or retain their original honey tone.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Quality

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Barlow Tyrie makes this luxury outdoor chair from the finest teak wood.

Another consideration is the quality of the teak wood in the furniture you purchase. It is available in three different grades. Grade C is made from the outer edges of the logs where Grade B includes some heartwood. Grade A, which is the finest quality and includes plenty of natural oils for a glossy finish, is preferred for luxury outdoor furnishings. The higher quality of wood, the less maintenance will be required of your teak furniture.

Insider Tip: Shop for furniture that uses only sustainably farmed teak wood so that it is not involved in further degrading the rainforests where it is naturally found.

We invite you to shop for your outdoor teak furniture of the finest quality online or in our showroom today.

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