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Types of Outdoor Sofas

One of the most important features in your luxury backyard oasis will always be the seating. After all, if you and your guests don’t have a comfortable place to sit, parties will be over before they start. And for ultimate comfort, outdoor sofas are the way to go. In this article we explain the different types of outdoor sofas available and showcase some of our more popular pieces.

Sectional Outdoor Sofas

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

In a large outdoor space, a sectional sofa is an ideal anchor in a seating area. Because sectional outdoor sofas are sold as separate pieces, you have the ability to build them to your exact specifications. For instance, you may want an armless chaise on one end of the main sofa (which, in the photo of the Larssen Sectional Sofa above, actually consists of three seating pieces) and an armchair on the opposite side.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

But even if your outdoor living space isn’t overly large, you can still add a comfortable sectional outdoor sofa. In the illustration above using the Belle Isle Conversational Group from Telescope Casual, there are only two sides to the sofa, allowing it to be placed close to the patio door. The sectional sofa fits the area superbly, with just enough room for an amply sized square coffee table – all the basics necessary.

Standard Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofa luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
An outdoor sofa is the integral piece in a comfortable seating area for family and guests.

Another option for seating in your luxury backyard oasis is a traditional outdoor sofa. Take the Royal Kahala Black Sands sofa by Tommy Bahama Outdoors, pictured here. It has graceful lines and is made from a durable material made to resemble rattan but much easier to keep looking good. This would be the perfect outdoor sofa for a veranda, beneath the graceful splines of a ceiling fan with a view of palm trees or a swimming pool.

Opal sofa from jensen leisure luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

These types of outdoor sofas normally are available with matching pieces such as the Opal Sofa from Jensen Leisure shown above. Made from Ipe wood, it features three deep cushions for the ultimate in soft support. You can easily create an entire seating arrangement with the Opal Sofa, a pair of matching chairs, and a handsome outdoor coffee table, all finely crafted from durable Ipe wood.

Outdoor Loveseats

Contour cushion loveseat luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Last of the types of outdoor sofas is a loveseat. Beyond the fact that it takes up less room, you may want to opt for an outdoor loveseat to be the focal point in an intimate seating arrangement. As shown here, the Contour Cushion Loveseat from Tropitone has a cool and funky vibe, yet it manages to convey a sense of homey comfort. Can you imagine yourself and your significant other cuddling together on this unusual piece?

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Then again, an outdoor loveseat can add seating to a grouping anchored by a larger sofa. The Mia seating set shown above features a full size sofa, club chair, occasional tables, and a coffee table in addition to the loveseat, all from the same collection. This gives your outdoor living space a unified look and a bonus is that you can easily rearrange the pieces as necessary.

What types of outdoor sofas will you choose for your space: a sectional, a sofa, or a loveseat – or maybe all three?

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