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Types of Outdoor Sling Furniture

Outdoor sling furniture is a popular choice for homeowners because it is durable, comfortable, and simple to maintain. It is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to move around. Particularly in the Southern California area, slings are always a great choice because the fabric is breathable and these pieces don’t feel as hot as those with webbing or fabric upholstery, thus making them perfect for poolside. But beyond chairs, there are plenty of types of outdoor sling furniture. Here we showcase just a few of them.

About Outdoor Sling Furniture

Martinique high back sling dining chair luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Sling furniture is typically made with a metal or wood frame and a sling fabric seat and back. The sling fabric is made from a variety of materials, including polyester, vinyl, and acrylic. Choose a Parabolic sling fabric for its superior ability to stand up to wind, rain and sun. Typically, the material is manufactured with an open weave, which allows for plenty of air flow through it. The sling fabric is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Types of Outdoor Sling Furniture

There are many different types of outdoor sling furniture on the market today and more and more styles are continually being added.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Grand Terrace sling chairs and fire table from Gensun.

Sling chairs are the most common type of sling furniture. They are available in a variety of styles, including dining chairs, lounge chairs, and rocking chairs. They are available in different heights suitable for a pub table, or a seating arrangement anchored by a sofa.

Sling loveseats and gliders luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Sling sofas and loveseats are a great way to add lots of seating to your outdoor living space without requiring the space necessary for heavy and bulky pieces. They are also available in a variety of styles. Most common is contemporary but you can also find outdoor sling furniture that would like right at home in a tropical setting or even with ornate embellishments.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Wouldn’t this Echelon Sling barstool and table set look great on your deck?

There are also sling barstools and even sling ottomans which allow you to fully furnish and accessorize your backyard oasis with all types of sling outdoor furniture.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Sling Furniture

When choosing outdoor sling furniture, take these factors into consideration.

Choose outdoor sling furniture with frames made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and marine grade polymer.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

With all the types of outdoor sling furniture available you are sure to find a style that matches your personal preference and the décor of your outdoor space.

Make sure to choose furniture that is comfortable to sit in and relax on. If you’ve never tried outdoor sling furniture, we invite you to stop into one of our spacious showrooms and try it out for yourself.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Upholstery & Replacement Slings

Once you have chosen outdoor sling furniture, be sure to keep it clean and maintain it regularly to ensure that it lasts for many years. A light spray of water is usually all that is necessary. Use a gentle cleaning solution for stains or mildew.

No matter the types of outdoor sling furniture you choose, with proper care and maintenance, it will last for many years. And when it comes time to replace the slings, think of the professional restoration team at Hauser’s Patio first.

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