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You may recognize TUUCI as the company best known for its marine-grade shade structures. They have made a name for themselves as the maker of high quality shade umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas, all made from the finest materials available. These umbrellas and shade structures are made to withstand extreme weather conditions while remaining stable, durable and beautiful as the day they left the showroom floor. But beyond these qualities, TUUCI makes a shade umbrella that doubles as sculpture in your backyard oasis. We introduce to you the TUUCI Stingray collection.

Tucci shade umbrella Hausers Patio

The Inspiration Behind the Stingray Shade Sculpture

It probably comes as no surprise that the TUUCI company originated in the marine industry. For more than two decades, TUUCI has been developing and manufacturing several lines of luxury outdoor furnishings that are made with only the highest quality materials and attention to detail. But along with producing exceptionally durable pieces that include 100% replaceable parts, TUUCI strives to add design elements sure to turn heads and provide unequalled style.

Such is the case with Stingray, which exemplifies the ideal of “design-in-motion.” Or, as the TUUCI website so eloquently puts it, Stingray is “an expansive wing-to-wing birth of shade” that fits perfectly in any corner of your luxury outdoor living space. The collection blends natural elements with technologically advanced materials to form its distinctive shape. These are more than just umbrellas; they are works of art.

TUUCI Stingray shade sculpture Hausers Patio

What to Expect from the TUUCI Stingray Collection

Yes, these shade umbrellas are a beautiful interpretation of the natural world. But they are also completely functional.

Of course, the main function of the Stingray shade sculpture is to provide a shady place to escape the sun’s heated rays. And the tensile shade skin does this exceptionally well by rotating 360 degrees on a vertical axis of wrought aluminum. The fabric is attached to the shade frame through a series of intricately laced marine riggings. There are two different sizes available, depending on the space in your outdoor living area.

The armor-wall mast is polished to a shiny finish and reinforced with strut joints on a fixed frame structure. The aluminum components are all marine-grade for the most durable outdoor shade solution you can find. In fact, the Stingray shade sculpture is sure to last for years providing just the exact amount of shade in the exact location you need.

Choose from a variety of custom fabrics to add a touch of color or a pop of pattern to your backyard, patio or pool deck. Several different bases are also available to secure your Stingray shade just about anywhere.

TUUCI Stingray Hausers Patio

Stingray – the Perfect Addition to Your San Diego Outdoor Living Space

You live along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, so why not incorporate outdoor furnishings that mirror the beauty of nature found right in your backyard? The Stingray shade sculpture collection from TUUCI couldn’t fit your luxury outdoor living space any better. It’s the perfect addition to any home in the San Diego area.

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