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Top 10 Reasons for Indoor Fireplaces in San Diego

Not convinced that indoor fireplaces are a perfect fit for your San Diego area home? Perhaps you will be after reading this list of all the reasons why you need a gas fireplace before the cooler temps of winter hit southern California.

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  1. Clean Heat

Gas fireplaces put out heat in a clean and effective manner. You control how much heat you want in a room and indoor fireplaces can be provide warmth within minutes, without the mess of wood or the dirt from soot and ashes.

  1. Quick and Efficient Warmth

Ready for a fire to provide warmth and ambience in any room of your home? Simply flick a switch (or press a button on the remote control) and your indoor gas fireplace is instantly lit with mesmerizing flames and warmth to heat an entire room.

  1. Heat Control

Unlike a wood fireplace, you can easily control the amount of heat being output so the room doesn’t get too hot on a warm San Diego night or too cool when the temperature suddenly plummets.

Elegant gas fireplace in living room luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Cozy Ambience

Is there anything better than indoor fireplaces for producing a warm and cozy ambience? With realistic logs in any number of wood species and flames with movement that simulates the real thing, your gas fireplace is an ideal way to instantly add comfy charm to any room.

  1. Add a Focal Point

When there is a lit fireplace in a room, our eyes are automatically drawn to it. Because of this, indoor fireplaces are available in a wide array of styles, sizes and designs to go with any type of furnishings. Although compatible with a room’s style, indoor fireplaces stand out on their own as a mesmerizing feature of the room.

Charred gas fireplace logs luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

  1. Create Stylish Effects

Today’s indoor fireplaces are more than just a source of heat and flames. By adding special fire glass, spheres or shapes to the hearth, they become unique focal points. You can also add personal style touches by selecting logs modeled after a particular species of wood, heat-proof pinecones or acorns and a fireplace surround in the design of your choice.

  1. Indoor Fireplaces Go Nearly Anywhere

One of the advantages of indoor fireplaces that run on gas is that you can mount them nearly anywhere in a room – high on a wall, low to the floor or a double-sided fireplace for see-through access to the next room.

  1. Cost Efficiency

The largest cost of indoor fireplaces is the initial purchase and installation price. But after that, the cost of gas is negligible (about 20 cents an hour) compared to that for a cord of wood, delivered and stacked at your home.

  1. Time Efficiency

Speaking of that cord of wood, who wants to stack and chop logs and then get down on bended knee with paper and matches to start a fire? It takes only seconds to start a fire in a gas fireplace.

  1. Safety

Indoor fireplaces using gas are safer. They do not get as hot as traditional wood burning fireplaces do and because there is no real flame, there is no chance of sparks setting something in the room on fire. If you have little ones at home or visiting, gas fireplaces are the better choice.

Now that you know all the advantages of indoor fireplaces, isn’t it time you got one for your home? Call or visit our showroom so we can recommend a model perfect for your needs – and we’ll even install it.

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