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The Elance Collection by Tropitone

When you think of luxury outdoor furnishings from Tropitone, what comes to mind? Do you imagine sun-soaked pool decks filled with glamorous people reclining on rows of gorgeously designed lounges that add a touch of elegance to their outdoor surroundings? Perhaps you think of dining chairs gracefully curved or barstools with a sleek silhouette and padded sling seats in a tropical setting. All of these definitely embody the classic style and comfortable designs of the Elance Collection by Tropitone.

About the Elance Collection by Tropitone

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

This collection of fine outdoor furnishings includes dining chairs, spa chairs, barstools and lounges, all made to the exacting standards of the Tropitone company, which has been in the business of providing comfortable outdoor seating for well over six decades.

The Elance Collection was designed by famed furniture designer John Caldwell and includes the Sling, Padded Sling and EZ SPAN styles of outdoor seating. All the pieces can be customized with your choice of Tropitone upholstery fabrics and EZ SPAN segments in a variety of accent colors.

Tropitone EZ SPAN

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Let’s start with the proprietary EZ SPAN strap segment seating style. These chairs, stools and chaise lounges use classic vinyl straps to form the backs and seats with a new spin on style. Pieces in the EZ SPAN Elance Collection by Tropitone are available in either a ribbon or wave design, which provides an added panache to the traditional look of vinyl strap outdoor furnishings. Make them your own by selecting the color of the frame finish and picking alternating hues for segments of the EZ SPAN straps.

Tropitone Elance Padded Sling

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The Padded Sling designs from the Elance Collection by Tropitone are an excellent choice if you wish for outdoor seating that combines the ultimate in comfort with understated elegance. These are the chairs and lounges that you will want to relax in day after day and they hold up exceptionally well in our southern California environment. Crafted from powder coated aluminum frames, these seating pieces are finished with extra plush padded slings in a wide array of fabric colors sure to enhance your backyard oasis.

The Elance Sling Collection

Tropitone montreux sling dining luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Finally, Tropitone Sling chaise lounges, chairs, spa chairs and barstools are elegant in form and function. The sturdy aluminum frames are enhanced by fabric slings that are finished on both sides across the seat and back. Simple yet beautiful, comfortable yet durable, seating pieces from the Elance Sling Collection are a perfect addition to any San Diego area backyard, pool deck or patio. They invite you to slip off your shoes and sit back and relax while enjoying the outdoors.

For southern California’s best selection of sling seating pieces from the Elance Collection by Tropitone, look no further than Hauser’s Patio. Not only do we sell the best, we always provide the ultimate in service after the sale. Browse through our website or visit our showroom and find the perfect Tropitone furnishings for your luxury outdoor living space.

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