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There are lots of options when it comes to the type of outdoor furnishings you can add to your luxury outdoor living room – everything from aluminum frames to woven details to deeply cushioned upholstery. Today, we’d like to showcase one of our premier vendors and their products, Patio Renaissance woven furniture, which features all of these and more. Here’s what you need to know about these gorgeous pieces for your backyard, patio or cabana.

About Patio Renaissance

Patio Renaissance aluminum frames Hausers Patio

Since 1992 Patio Renaissance has been manufacturing outdoor furniture made from all-weather wicker, aluminum and even tubular slings along with cushions made from care-free Sunbrella fabric. They maintain an active Research & Development department with more than 20 engineers and draftsmen to keep their manufacturing methods up-to-date. The designs are classic and most pieces feature woven details along the bottoms and sides. With a wide array of timeless, transitional styles it is both easy and affordable to furnish your luxury outdoor living room with seating, dining and table pieces from Patio Renaissance woven furniture.

High Quality Manufacturing

Patio Renaissance woven furniture starts with an aluminum frame. This material is sturdy and durable while resistant to elements that tend to degrade other materials, such as sea spray, sun, rain and pollution. The high-gauge aluminum used in Patio Renaissance woven furniture is extruded into tubes and strips, then shaped and powder coated.

Patio Renaissance weather wicker Hausers Patio

When it comes to the woven elements in their furniture, Patio Renaissance uses what they call “Weather Wicker.” This material is made from polyethylene pellets and mixed with UV stabilizers as well as an anti-aging compound to make it extremely durable. Manufactured wicker helps make their products last longer, look better and it provides creative license in terms of adding various colors and textures. Weaving Weather Wicker is actually done by hand at the Patio Renaissance plant, lending it an air of old-fashioned craftsmanship hard to find these days.

Patio Renaissance Catalina Hausers Patio

Finally, all of the Patio Renaissance woven furniture undergoes inspections at each stage of production. This applies both to the aluminum frame and the wicker weaving process.

Beautiful Patio Renaissance Woven Furniture

Patio Renaissance Huntington Hausers Patio

At Hauser’s Patio, we carry several of Patio Renaissance’s most popular lines of outdoor woven furniture, such as the Monterey, Firenze, Catalina, Ventura, Newport and Naples collections. These lovely transitional pieces feature classic lines that will never go out of style. By pairing sensuous aluminum frame shapes with eye-catching woven accents and topping each seating piece with gorgeous upholstery, Patio Renaissance hits all the right notes in terms of luxury outdoor furnishings that are perfect for the San Diego environment and Southern California style.

Patio Renaissance Sonoma Hausers Patio

Adding classic designs, a pop of color and a bit of pizzazz to your luxury backyard oasis is easy with the laid-back designs and multitude of collections offered by Patio Renaissance woven furniture.

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