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Style Your Outdoor Space With Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas

When it comes to designing your luxury outdoor living space, you should take as much care with the style of furnishings as you do with indoor rooms. And one of the most prominent features in your backyard just might be the shade on your Treasure Garden market umbrellas, due to the various colors, patterns and textures that are available.

Treasure garden market umbrellas luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

About Treasure Garden Market Umbrellas

Treasure Garden features a wide variety of market umbrellas with wood or aluminum frames and several different bases to choose from. For moving the shade, push button tilt, auto tilt, collar tilt and crank lift is another option to specify. Choose your size, choose the shape and then choose from dozens of different fabrics in loads of colors and patterns.

Whatever options you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a shade umbrella of exceptional quality and lasting beauty.

Treasure garden green umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Customize Your Treasure Garden Shade Umbrellas

There are literally hundreds of ways to customize Treasure Garden market umbrellas.

Start with the fabric. You can select from between acrylic, Bella-Dura, O’bravia and Solefin materials to make the shade for your umbrella. Acrylic, which is durable and colorfast, is the fabric most often used in outdoor furnishings; in fact one of the choices in the acrylic line is the famous and fabulous Sunbrella. Next up is Bella-Dura, which is a textured fabric that is recyclable and made right here in the USA. Then there’s O’bravia, our proprietary fabric just as strong as acrylic but made of polyester, which is the environmentally friendly choice. Finally, Solefin is a best value choice.

Now, pick a color family for your market umbrella’s shade. There is nearly every hue under the sun from which to choose, including reds, greens, blues, yellows, white/black and browns. Any of these choices in a solid fabric would look great in your outdoor living space. But if you want a bit more punch in the décor, opt for a pattern. Treasure Garden has fabric choices in stripes, textures and even floral and scroll designs in addition to solids.

Add an Accessory – or Two

But don’t stop there when you wish to create a market umbrella perfect for your needs. In addition to selecting the style, size and fabric of your umbrella, think about adding an accessory or two or more so that it fits perfectly in your outdoor space.

The most popular accessory is undoubtedly the base. Available in several different styles, sizes and shapes, you can also choose from a stationary base or a nifty mobile base, with casters. Weights and mounting kits for planting your umbrella in concrete, wood or the ground are also available.

Treasure garden umbrella light kit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

A lighting kit is the next most popular market umbrella accessory. The modern options offered by Treasure Garden include one with built-in Bluetooth speaker; all of them come equipped with long-lasting LED lights.

Treasure Garden is an Excellent Choice for Your Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Don’t just take our word for it; we invite you to come in and visit our showroom so together we can explore the possibilities. Let’s make this the year your luxury outdoor living space is perfectly furnished and shaded for ultimate enjoyment.

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