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Start the New Year Right with Outdoor Furniture Repair and Renew

After the year everyone experienced in 2020, it is time to look forward to a new year and fresh possibilities. Not only does this apply to your life, but this principle also applies to your outdoor furnishings. Take a good look at your backyard, patio, and deck. Chances are there are some pieces that have seen better days. Why not make a vow to start the new year right with outdoor furniture repair and renew?

Outdoor Furniture and Shade Repair

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A great place to start refurbishing your outdoor pieces is by repairing them. After all, it makes no sense to refinish or reupholster furniture that is no longer safe or whose material lacks integrity. It could be that your outdoor furniture has damaged parts and broken or missing components which are important to address.

Luckily, there is no need to take these broken or damaged pieces to the landfill. At Hauser’s Patio, we have an entire team skilled in repairing them. They can weld frame pieces back together, replace missing or broken components and even get your swivel rockers to perform as they should.

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

In addition to repairing outdoor seating pieces and tables, Hauser’s Patio can also fix nearly any shade feature. If your umbrella will no longer open and close with ease or some of the spines are broken, we can get it working like new again.

Because we carry most major brands of luxury outdoor furnishings, we can source parts and components straight from the factory.

Renew Outdoor Furniture and Shade Features

Another way that the professionals at Hauser’s Patio help your backyard look great again is by renewing the furnishings and shade features. After the pieces have been repaired and sturdied, we address all the little details such as installing new swivel bushings, glides and end caps – the little parts that make a big difference in how your outdoor furniture performs. And if we are unable to source those bits and pieces, we will let you know right away so you can make a decision as to whether you want us to go any further with refurbishment.

Patio furniture replacement slings luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Let Hauser’s Patio replace your upholstery fabric and replace sling fabric

In addition to the installation of hidden components, we will renew your outdoor furniture with new slings, cushions, and upholstery. These visible features really give your old furnishings and shade features a new lease on life via a contemporary update to their looks. You get to choose from hundreds of different fabric styles, colors and patterns for upholstery and umbrella canopies that make a dramatic difference in your outdoor décor.

 Furniture Repair and Renew Made Easy

If you are concerned about being out and about during these trying times, rest assured that Hauser’s Patio will pick up your old pieces and deliver the newly repaired and refurbished furnishings directly to your home. This service is free on all orders over $399 for customers residing in San Diego County. We can even ship your repaired furniture further if you live in any of the contiguous United States.

With the new year right around the corner, isn’t it time you thought about outdoor furniture repair and renew so you can fully enjoy your backyard oasis?

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