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Spend Thanksgiving Gathered Around the Fire

Even though summer barbecue season is in the past, there are still plenty of occasions when getting together outside can be a pleasurable experience, especially with our temperate weather here in Southern California. To ensure that everyone is comfortable, you will probably want to add a fire feature to your backyard oasis. Here are some tips for planning to spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire with family and friends.

Be Kind to the Environment

Casual fireside gas fire pit by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A tile hearth top fire pit

When choosing a fire feature, think first of eco-friendly choices. Rather than a woodburning unit – which is often unusable due to city and county ordinances – opt for a natural gas or propane model. Depending on the zoning and homeowners’ association restrictions in your community, natural gas may not be a viable option. Propane, however, is an excellent alternative. Propane fire pits have the added advantage of being mobile while natural gas units are stationary, which limits the ways you can rearrange and accommodate outdoor furniture and guests.

What Style of Fire Pit is Best?

Dining outdoors cooking fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
An outdoor fire table allows you to cook up a storm for guests at your barbecue. Look for accessories like this grill pan to make it easy and fun to prepare food tableside.

Although you may want to spend this Thanksgiving gathered around the fire, you should not buy a fire pit based on an annual event. Think of how you will use it the rest of the year. Would you prefer a fire table for intimate dining al fresco? Perhaps a chat height fire pit would be a better fit for your lifestyle. Do you want the fire pit surround to easily accommodate drinks and dinner plates? Maybe roasting marshmallows over the open gas flames is important. Do take the time to consider all the ways you will use your fire feature throughout the year.

Fantastic Fire Media

Versaille fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Versailles fire table uses colorful fire glass for extra dazzle.

When it comes to the looks of your fire pit as you and your friends spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire, you may want to opt for an unusual type of media. Today, there are plenty of options, everything from the traditional ceramic logs to river stones, lava rock and glass. If you really want to dazzle your guests, use a combination of fire glass colors such as orange and green to really celebrate the festive occasion. Do remember that you should only purchase fire media that is specifically made to withstand the temperatures in a gas fire pit.

Fire as the Backdrop

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
The American Fyre Grand Cordova fireplace provides plenty of space for gathering around the flames.

There are other options than fire tables to sit around. You can spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire table – or you can choose to add a gas fireplace that provides subtle warmth and atmosphere in the background. Simply position your outdoor dining set in front of the fireplace so everyone can enjoy it. Create a separate seating area nearby with plenty of cushy chairs, occasional tables, and a basket of blankets at the ready for sipping a beverage after dinner with the fireplace as the focal point.

Get Ready to Entertain

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Telescope Casual fire table set is perfect for dining outdoors. The overhead string lighting is subtle and romantic and outdoor speakers allow you to add soft music to your gathering.

After you have decided on the perfect fire pit or fireplace for your outdoor living space, add in the little extras that will make spending Thanksgiving gathered around the fire even more enjoyable. String lights provide subtle illumination. Patio heaters are another great addition to keep your guests warm, especially if your party is too large for everyone to absorb heat from a single location. Beverage stations and a buffet table make entertaining outdoors more convenient. Be sure to pick a favorite holiday play list to stream to an outdoor speaker to contribute to the festive atmosphere.

This year, why not spend Thanksgiving gathered around the fire and treat your guests to a al fresco dinner they are sure to remember.

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