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When the weather outside is frightful, a fire is so delightful. But here in Southern California, it is rare that we experience a day where residents are allowed to burn outdoor wood fires. That should not stop from you from adding a fireplace or fire pit to your backyard oasis, however. Simply opt for one of these cozy and modern smoke-free fire features.

Why Propane or Gas?

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There are plenty of reasons why opting for a fire feature that is fueled by propane or natural gas is a great idea. As stated above, the number one reason is that there are plenty of rules for recreational fires in San Diego and the surrounding municipalities. In fact, the website states that recreational fires are permitted unless “it is offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor or when conditions make such a fire hazardous.”

Natural gas or propane fire features are naturally smoke-free and that also makes them very clean. They are easy to start with just the press of a button. And if your fire pit is hooked up to your home’s natural gas line, you never have to worry about depleting the fuel source.

Smoke Free Fire Features Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Here are a few examples of outdoor heating devices that add to the good looks of your backyard, patio, porch, or pool deck. We hope you will find inspiration to upgrade your outdoor space with one of these smoke free fire features to help you get more enjoyment from each season.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

outdoor gas fireplace Hausers Patio

When you want to make a dramatic difference in the look and comfort of your backyard oasis, a large outdoor gas fireplace such as this Grand Cordoba model is the way to go. It provides maximum heat output in an attractively styled hearth setting. This is a great choice for those who love to entertain as it puts off lots of warmth for lots of guests. A large gas fireplace such as this one will easily become the focal point of your outdoor space, catching the eye, and attracting everyone to sit around this smoke free fire feature and get toasty warm.

Gas Fire Pit

Casual Fireside by OW Lee Hausers Patio
A gorgeous metal top fire pit from O.W. Lee’s Casual Fireside collection

Made for sitting around and relaxing, a fire pit table such as this one from O.W. Lee’s Casual Fireside collection is always a welcome addition to your Southern California outdoor space. It is available in the round design shown in the forefront as well as the lower, rectangular design in front of the sofa in the background. Either way, this gorgeous metal fire pit, with your choice of tabletop material, looks quite lovely and inviting, especially when surrounded by deep-cushioned chairs.

Fire Bowls and Fire Urns

American Fyre Designs fire bowl Hausers Patio

For a more contemporary take on the traditional gas or propane fire pit, opt for a fire bowl or fire urn such as the two models shown here by American Fyre Designs. These compact, smoke free fire features are uniquely designed and perfectly sized for corners, pool decks and other hard-to-furnish spaces. The decorative fire stone media used in the fire bowl adds to its good looks by echoing the design of the base. Could you picture all three of these handsome fire features in your luxury backyard oasis?

Take the hassle out of staying warm outdoors and add to the ambience of your outdoor space with a smoke free fire feature that can be used all year long.

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