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When it comes to furnishing your outdoor living room with comfortable seating, there are plenty of choices on today’s market. But what type is the best choice for your backyard oasis? We think it might be sling chairs. Here are the advantages of sling patio chairs versus webbing and vinyl straps.

Defining the Types of Outdoor Seating

Let’s start with a definition of each type.

Hausers Patio
A sling chair may be comfortable than one made from all HDPE

Sling patio chairs use a metal (most common) or wood frame with a piece of fabric loosely fitted to that frame. While traditionally canvas was the fabric of choice, today sling seating usually incorporates a breathable, weather-resistant material for the seat and back.

Chair webbing and vinyl strapping are very similar in nature. They, too, use a wooden or aluminum frame and horizontal or crisscross strips of vinyl or nylon to form the chair seat and back. These chairs were a very popular choice in mid-century America.

Sling Chair Comfort

Gloster 9320SG Voyager Deck Chair Seagull Sling Hausers Patio
This Gloster 9320SG Voyager Deck Chair – Seagull Sling is comfortable and inviting.

What is the number one feature of outdoor chairs that consumers are concerned about? Of course, it’s comfort. And in this aspect, sling patio chairs win out over a vinyl strap lounger or patio chair webbing every time. The main reason is that patio furniture slings use a single piece of fabric to gently conform to and support your body. Vinyl strapping or webbing for lawn chairs tend to “cut” into the legs and back of the person seated.

In addition, vinyl straps can cause your skin to stick to the material. Sling patio chairs allow air to move through the seating material, making them a better choice for hot summer days.

Sling Chair Durability

Another way that sling outdoor furniture is superior to webbing and vinyl strapping is that it tends to be more durable and last much longer. A solid piece of fabric handles the stress of weight and weather much more efficiently than smaller strips of vinyl or nylon.

How to measure for replacement slings by Hauser Hausers Patio's Patio

If you live in an area that experiences regular high winds, sling patio chairs are a better choice since they weigh more. Usually, outdoor furniture made with vinyl straps or webbing use a lightweight, aluminum frame. While this makes the chairs easy to move, it also makes them more prone to being blown across the yard on a windy day.

Replacement Slings for Patio Chairs

When it comes to patio furniture repair, sling chairs again win. Although you can easily order lawn chair replacement webbing or replacement straps for lawn chairs, that type of seating is much harder to repair. And this patio furniture repair is unlikely to last more than a couple summer seasons as the material degrades faster.

Replacement Sling Fabric at Hauser Hausers Patio's Patio
Patio chair replacement sling fabric comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Replacement slings for patio chairs are easy to order simply by taking good measurements. While a confident DIYer can certainly order patio sling chair replacement fabric and install it, Hauser’s Patio offers full patio chair sling replacement and refurbishment services to get the job done quickly for you. We have a large inventory of various colors and patterns of sling replacement fabric to choose from so you can easily transform the looks of your outdoor space as desired.

With all these ways that sling patio chairs versus webbing and vinyl straps come out on top, isn’t it time you shopped for new seating using slings? We invite you to browse through our online sling patio furniture stock and find the chairs of your dreams today.

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