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A new year has finally dawned and for most of us, this means a new beginning to look forward to. Not only do we anticipate months full of the promises denied us last year, but we are also spending more time in our homes and backyards. Why doesn’t the space deserve the same makeover? One way to welcome change is to reupholster and refinish outdoor furniture for a new beginning in your outdoor living space.

Reupholster Your Outdoor Seating Pieces

Let’s face it; outdoor furnishings are subject to many conditions that degrade them. We are talking about smog, rain, sun, wind, dust and sea spray. These factors often combine to produce fading, mold, fabric degradation and odors.

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Select upholstery fabric from dozens of beautiful colors and patterns

But just because the upholstery on your outdoor seating pieces has seen better days it does not mean you need to toss the furniture and buy new. At Hauser’s Patio, we can reupholster nearly any furnishing, starting from scratch by manufacturing cushions of exact measurements. Simply send us the dimensions – or bring in your old cushions and let us do the measuring. You decide on the type of fabric and solid color or pattern and we bring your ideas to life. We are also experts at creating replacement slings. There is nothing like new upholstery to breathe fresh life into your outdoor seating pieces.

Refinish Outdoor Furniture

If more than just the upholstery needs a bit of TLC, rest assured that we can refinish outdoor furniture to give it a new lease on life, as well.

Many times, outdoor furnishings with frames made of metal such as stainless steel, wrought iron or aluminum, take a beating in regard to the finish. The same weather and outdoor conditions that degrade fabric upholstery also take their toll on the frames. In addition, these pieces are often subject to scrapes, flaking, scratches and pitting, especially if they are moved often.

Patio Furniture Refinishing Hausers Patio

Once again, there is no need to replace these pieces when Hauser’s Patio can easily refinish outdoor furniture past its prime. We start by disassembling the pieces and sandblasting the metal down to a depth where it can then be wiped down and sprayed with a zinc-rich powder coating and primed with an anti-gas primer. A polyester powder coat is the next step, which is available in a wide variety of colors. Depending on the brand of your outdoor furniture, we may even be able to use an OEM finish. The final step is a finish protectant which ensures the new paint job will stay bright and fresh for a long time by making it resistant to the damage inflicted by UV rays, smog and dirt.

By combining new upholstery and taking the steps to refinish outdoor furniture, your pieces are sure to look not only new, but better than new. You get to choose new colors and new fabric styles to bring your old outdoor furnishings into the realm of contemporary design once again and make you proud of your luxury backyard oasis.

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