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Just like the inside of our homes, the outdoor space can easily get cluttered and disorganized if it is not attended to from time to time. Not only do you need to go through items and decide whether to keep them, it is necessary to find the perfect home for the stuff you decide to retain. That is where outdoor storage and organization aids come in.

Start by Decluttering

Hausers Patio

Are you still holding onto bikes your kids have outgrown? How about broken and unusable pieces of outdoor furniture? Maybe you have a large collection of pots to start plants. Whatever it is that you no longer use or need, now is the time to get rid of it. If the task of going through all your possessions sounds overwhelming, try starting with a single category, such as gardening tools. Each small step will get you closer to the goal of attaining a decluttered backyard space.

Thrifty tip: If items are still usable but no longer needed, consider donating them to a local resale or charity store.

Next Step: Organizing

When you and your family have gone through all the items in your outdoor space, sheds and garage, the next step is to sort piles of like items. When you have them all assembled in one area, you will have a better idea of exactly how much storage space you need to neatly organize them. Depending on the size of your piles, you may need to invest in a storage shed. Smaller assemblages could benefit from outdoor storage and organization pieces such as the following.

Outdoor Storage Bench

wicker storage bench Hausers Patio

A storage bench is a great addition to any backyard oasis, in our opinion. Not only does it provide extra seating, but it serves a dual purpose of allowing you to organize outdoor items such as pool toys, pillows, blankets and the like. The wicker storage bench from Patio Renaissance pictured above is a great example of a bench in just the right size and style to be easily incorporate into nearly any outdoor living area.

Storage Chest

Handsome wicker storage chest Hausers Patio

Here is another outdoor piece that is a must for any patio, porch or deck: a chest with plenty of storage. The storage chest shown here is one more example of classic furnishings that are meant to mix with any style of décor. The handsome wicker design is a perfect addition to any style of décor. It makes a handy place to stow larger items that need to be accessible, such as yard games, outdoor electronics, blankets, pool accessories and more.

Patio Storage Box

storage box Hausers Patio

For maximum outdoor storage and organization, a patio storage box is just the ticket. This polymer storage console is available in your choice of MGP color or powder coat finish hue. It is large enough to store bulky items such as outdoor furniture covers, gardening supplies or plant pots. A bonus is that it is American made and the sliding doors make it accessible.

When you want to declutter and corral your keeper items, these outdoor storage and organization pieces check all the right boxes.