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With the New Year on the horizon, it may be time to think about adding fresh outdoor furniture to your backyard oasis. Or maybe you’d like to splurge on yourself this holiday season. In either case, we invite you to explore some of our new outdoor modular pieces in collections by Tropitone and imagine how they would look in your space.

Cabana Club Modular

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The Cabana Club collection by Tropitone has the perfect outdoor furniture to transform your backyard into a stay-at-home resort. Inspired by furnishings you might find poolside at a luxury resort along the coast of France or even an outdoor nightclub in Las Vegas, Cabana Club modular pieces are sleek, with geometrical shapes. These seating pieces and ottomans are made with a strong, powder coated aluminum frame in your choice of finish color. The upholstery is crisp and tailored and comes in a wide range of color choices.

Shown above is a sofa comprised of a pair of curved corner modules along with several armless modules and end pieces. This configuration perfectly fits the corner space it graces in this penthouse terrace and gives it a modern, sophisticated vibe. There are sure to be numerous ways you could put together a module seating area that snugs right into any hard-to-fit area of your backyard oasis.

cabana club party lounger Hausers Patio

One of our favorite modular pieces to mix and match from the Cabana Club is this party lounger. The curved back and elegant lines of the base are reminiscent of midcentury modern design. Because all the pieces are modular, they can easily be connected or disconnected to form seating for several people – a great feature when you throw a party.

cabana club curved ottoman Hausers Patio

The Cabana Club cushion curved ottoman is another handy piece to have in your outdoor living space. It can double as both a seat and table, perfect for an outdoor space that is limited in square footage.

This collection also includes woven barstools and stackable chairs.

Arzo Woven Collection

arzo woven sub collection Hausers Patio

The Arzo Woven collection from Tropitone combines simple lines and geometric shapes to ensure that these pieces will look right at home in any backyard oasis. These new outdoor modular pieces are big and boxy, showcasing the fine details of its woven design, which is referred to as the TropiKane Basket Weave pattern. Made for both commercial and residential use, Arzo Woven pieces are made to withstand nearly any type of weather.

The frames are available in two hues, kaffee or nutmeg, while the upholstered cushions come in a wide variety of colors made from proprietary Tropitone weather resistant fabric. In addition, the cushions use Tropitone RELAXplus technology to deliver a very comfortable, deep seating, such as what you will find in the Arzo Woven loveseat pictured above. Pair the loveseat with an Arzo Woven rectangular ottoman for the ultimate in comfort.

arzo woven coffee table Hausers Patio
The frosted top on this Arzo Woven coffee table makes it truly unique.

Among our favorite, new outdoor modular pieces is this frosted acrylic coffee table. It pairs the organic, woven style of the seating frames with a practical and beautiful tabletop made of frosted acrylic which is easy to care for and stands up well to any weather condition.

We invite you to check out these new outdoor modular pieces to mix and match from Tropitone online or in either of our expansive showrooms today.

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